Monday, December 13, 2010


We had a "blizzard" this weekend and Daddy came home Saturday night with a surprise for Raya....a new sled! He was excited to take her out in it so he bundled her up at night and took her sledding in the dark lol. I gave him the camera to take some pics for you all (hell no! I didn't go outside in that! :-)

Honestly, Raya wasn't  so sure  about the evening sled trip either haha

But she did seem pretty interested in the snow falling!

Daddy took her  out of her sled and said he was trying to get a "scenic" picture for me. Apparently Raya was horrified haha

But despite her  less than enthusiastic look in the pics she apparently liked going outside, b/c last night when Lee bundled up to take the dogs outside Raya carried over her snowsuit and boots and begged Daddy to take her with haha. So we bundled her up and sent her  outside in the freezing cold....she came back with fozen cheeks!

In other news, last night Raya and Daddy played with my empty wrapping paper rolls...

She was terrified when Lee and I used them as blow horns haha...but she liked holding them!

Lastly, today the twins showed up with a baby doll. Raya doesn't have any "hard" baby dolls like this and she immediately took it and held it hostage as her own lol

Giving baby a hug :-)

Future big sister!

Better get back to packing my hospital bag now! This will likely come back to bite me, but I just have an uneasy feeling that this baby will not stay put until her due date! I'm actually starting to panic that she may not hold out until after xmas....let's hope I'm wrong!!!!

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  1. Looks like daddy had alot of fun sledding!!! Oh I can't hardly wait until xmas, Raya is going to love what I got her!!!!
    Love,Grama F


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