Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Xmas Card 2010

Since most people are receiving my xmas cards in the mail about now I thought I'd go ahead and share this year's card here too...for our many loyal fans not getting a card in the mail :-)

Merry Christmas!

It's not the world's greatest card, but I did what I could with what Miss Raya gave me! haha. Plus since they were free who cares what they look like right? :-) Maybe next year I'll do something fancier with the 2 girls...although I'm personally just not into the professional  xmas photos sitting in front of the fake xmas tree in the Sears studio or whatever :-P

Here are a few of the other  pics from Raya's xmas card photo session...

I got this hat (it has matching mittens) at Children's Place to go with her black winter coat...I love it :-)

She was begging me to pick her up haha

She looks like a skinny mini in these pants :-P
So that's that...can't believe xmas is next weekend already!
In other news, Miss Raya has started doing the CUTEST (and yet at times annoying) thing haha. When she wants something and I'm not listening to her she yells "MAMA! MAMA!" and if I'm busy doing something she comes over and bends down right in front of my face with these big brown eyes, grabs my shoulders, and with a very annoyed tone goes "MAMA!" makes me laugh every time! And then when I say "ok, do you want such and such???" she goes "yeah!"  :-)

Tomorrow the twins aren't coming and Raya and I are supposed to go to my 36 week appt. and then run errrands, but the snow is threatening to ruin our plans! I tried calling to reschedule my appt. for later in the day since our road doesn't get plowed usually until later, but they had no openings, so I hope I can make it there in the morning! I think i'm still a little early to get checked, but I'm curious if they'll tell me they think she's dropped or not. I was convinced she had and then now today I can't breathe at all and I feel like  she's in my lungs!! So now I"m not so sure. Plus, everything I've read says that a majority of 2nd+ time moms don't drop until they're in's more a 1st time mom thing to drop days or weeks before in that case maybe I haven't. hmmmm. I'll update tomorrow if I make it to my appt though!


  1. love the xmas cute. i love her ladybug hat! hope you can make it to your appt tomorrow and your plans dont get ruined! =)

  2. I love the xams card toooo! That hat is sooo very cute. Raya does look skinny in those jeans, maybe thats what they mean by skinny jeans!!!
    I can't wait until xmas. Call me after your appt tomorrow.
    Grama F


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