Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20 months, 1 week

Today is a big day....Raya turned 20 months old today and Brielle turned 1 week old!!!

I just love my girls :-)

Let's start with my #1 girl, Miss Raya Marie. Raya has had a big month this month....she became a big sister! So far she's doing awesome with Brielle. She doesn't seem to be jealous of the baby at all....she sometimes gets upset that I can't give her attention when I'm busy with Brielle, but at those times she seems mad at ME, not Brielle. She has started calling Brielle "sissy" a lot today, and it's so cute :-)

Raya hasn't changed much in the last month stats wise. Still wearing mostly size 24 month, she's up to size 6 shoes, still in size 5 diapers. Recently she has seemed to have a vocabulary explosion, which is fun.  She's saying a lot more words and her receptive vocab remains really good.

She's just as cute now at 20 months as she was when she was first born. I'm thankful for every month I get with my little diva :-)

She had a ponytail in today hehe
Now on to Miss Brielle. Can you believe it's been 1 whole week already!?!? I feel the same way as I did at about this time with Raya. I can't believe it's been 1 week already because the time has just flown by in a blur of diaper changes, feedings, and sleepless nights! ...but at the same time I can't believe it's *only* been 1 week because I feel like Brielle has always been a part of our family and she has fit in so well that I can't hardly remember what it was like before she was here!

I love my little snugglebug :-)

As far as Brielle's stats, she's in newborn diapers, newborn clothes (so tiny!), she is eating every 2ish hours during the day usually and has gone up to 4ish hours at night, she doesn't cry at all unless she's hungry pretty much, and she hates being naked! :-) I can barely remember what it was like to have Raya this small, so I totally understand how quickly this time flies by. I'm enjoying every second because I know that before I know it I'll  be  doing BRIELLE'S 20 month update, thinking about how I can barely remember when she was small.

To "celebrate" Brielle's first week we had professional  newborn photos done today. Let's just say that I've come to the conclusion that I will never give birth to a sleepy newborn baby....it's just not in the cards for me! haha. Brielle refused to sleep at all so we weren't able to get any curly, squishy, sleepy newborn photos, but my photographer said she did get plenty of cute wide awake baby pictures :-) That will have to do! I'll keep you updated on when the "sneak peek" is ready, and then in about 2 weeks the rest of the pictures should be ready too.

Ok, so we've done Raya's current milestones and Brielle's now too....can Mama share a very exciting one that also happened today?


Not too shabby for 7 days after having a baby, if I do say so myself :-)  Of course this could just mean that my normal pre-pregnancy pants are "fat pants" haha...but hey, I'm going to take what I can get!

To end, here are more random pictures from today....enjoy!!!

...I will have to take my own sleepy newborn photos I guess! :-P



Adoring big sister! (Raya had so much  fun holding Brielle all by herself today. She  now constantly smacks her  lap and says "sit! sit!"....referring to Brielle who she wants to sit on her lap! :-)

Uh-oh! Baby is crying!

So proud of my big  helper!

Miss Brielle is trying to establish her  place in the family by flaunting this outfit in Raya's  face :-P

As I think I mentioned in a previous post, I took Raya's monthly "birthday" photos with Mr. Owl and I am going to take Brielle's with Sock Monkey. I didn't  start taking Raya's pics until she was 1 month old, but with Brielle I decided to get a baseline "newborn" photo, for future comparison's sake :-)

She's  completely indifferent about Sock  Monkey :-P
 "Stop taking pictures of me Mama!!"

Today while I took Brielle to have her pics done my friend Bridgett watched  Miss Raya. It seems they had fun!

Bridgett gave Brielle a couple little outfits and this sock monkey  basket...I  had to try a photo of my tiny peanut in the basket! :-)

Today in the mail we also received a gift card from my friend Leah down in Texas...what a fun surprise! Brielle seemed to think the gift card would be hers to spend, but I will certainly be stealing it back from her :-P

And lastly, Raya insisted that baby  Anna ride along with Brielle  in the swing today. I'm glad Brielle knows how to share!

....and apparently baby  Anna's head works just fine as my boob's stunt double in a pinch :-P ...in Brielle's defense, she was blinded by  her  hat  at the time lol

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  1. Happy Birthday baby girls!!!! I want time to just slow done a little so I can keep those babies little for just a little while! I love the pics of Raya holding Brielle, she looks so proud! You look great, your tummy is almost gone already!!! I love the basket that Bridgett brought, really cute! The pic of Brielle tring to suck Annas head is way too cute!
    Grama F


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