Sunday, January 16, 2011

Clean bill of health!

Yes, another update haha. Now that Grandma F. is back home though I know I'll be hearing from her if I skip a day of pictures! :-P

This morning Brielle had her jaundice and weight re-check. I had to call and push the time back though b/c guess what? I didn't wake up until almost 9am!!! Brielle had me up most of the night until about 4am, when I finally caved and let her sleep in bed cuddled next to me (this makes me nervous even though I do it as safely as possible, but I was sooooo exhausted by this time I had to do something!)....and you know what? That little stinker slept almost 5 hours straight!!! I woke up feeling so refreshed lol. Now I just need to figure out how to get her to sleep like that in her own bed!!

But anyways, once I  got her to her appt. they gave her a clean  bill of health...yay! Her billiruben level  for jaundice had dropped one whole point since yesterday and her weight was up 2 oz (she weighed in at 6lbs 1oz today). So since her jaundice is on the way down and her weight is on the way up we got the all clear medically. She's doing great! Now we don't have to go to the doctor until her 2 week checkup with the pediatrician.

Now  for some pictures of the world's cutest newborn :-)

Here is Brielle all comfy cozy in her carseat when we got back from the doctor.

I did not make this hat. The lady who I bought the brown polkadot hat from sent this one to me as a free gift :-)
 You know me...I like to play photographer :-P

She always looks so tiny in her big old  carseat!! ( And let me go on the record as saying she WAS wearing an outfit that matched her hat, but when the nurse undressed her at her appt. she peed all over herself! haha. So she had to put on a backup sleeper that I had in her diaper bag :-P)

That appt. was apparently extremely tiring for her!

This afternoon you would have assumed that LEE was the one staying up all night with the new baby...Mama was the  only  one up!

Brielle slept the afternoon away in her bouncey seat...her hat was a little big hehe

When Raya got up from her nap I was feeding Brielle. Raya always say "uhoh! uhoh!" when she sees me nursing Brielle, so I've started telling her "it's Brielle is just drinking her milk" ...well today when I said that Raya quick got her sippy cup and tried to "feed" Brielle some of HER drink lol. It was so cute!

Wanna know what Brielle looks like at about 2am?? THIS:

Wide awake of course! Newborns crack me up b/c they can never keep their eyes looking
the same way haha. She always looks like little miss lazy eye or "crazy eyes" :-)
 Today Raya discovered a new snack. When we weren't looking she stole a twizzler out of the bag Lee had left on the coffee table!

After that sneaky ninja move I decided she had earned the right to eat her treasure :-)

Her and Daddy both love twizzlers now!

Raya and Daddy also spent some quality time together this evening playing with the new tag junior that she had gotten for xmas from John and Emily. We hadn't taken the time to set it up until now, but so far she loves it! I had to quick get online and order her 2 more books b/c she was loving the one that came with the system so much.


Other than that it's been a pretty low key day. I pretty much spend my time feeding Brielle (and thank god for the invention of the computer b/c at least I can surf the web one handed while feeding a baby! :-) ....and when Brielle isn't eating she is sleeping, at which time I play with Raya. No idea when the cleaning and cooking is supposed to get done though haha...we'll  have to work on that! Tomorrow morning I'm taking Raya to her former daycare so that she can have fun playing with other kids and getting attention, and I can adjust to this whole new baby thing haha. So far I'm taking her there just in the mornings for Monday and Wednesday this week....and we'll see how it goes. I may add more days too.

To end, here are a few more pictures of Brielle. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having a newborn to photograph again?! Yeah, my camera pretty much never leaves my side all day. Good thing Brielle spends much of her time with her eyes closed. My flash never stops :-)

Now off to get in lots more newborn cuddles! :-)


  1. Your right, Grama F has been checking all day for new pics!!!!
    Love the pic with Raya and her sippie cup, it is as big as Brielle!
    I'm soooo glad Brielle got a clean bill of health, now she just has to concentrate on getting spoiled!
    Love,Grama F

  2. Kaylee does the same thing with her sippy cup to Keira..haha
    Glad to hear the Brielle has a clean bill of health, she is beautiful. I have my camera at my side all day too...taking pictures of a newborn never gets old.

  3. that little hat is really cute. can't wait to meet brielle and play with raya on tues. :)


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