Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gettin' in to the swing of things

I think I might  finally be  settling in to my new role as mom of 2 :-) Raya went to daycare for a bit  this morning while I cleaned up the house, took a shower and got ready, fed Brielle, etc...then I picked Raya up (she had another  good day over there!) and fed her lunch. Then she went down for a nap and  I baked cupcakes (yum!) and now I'm waiting for Raya to wake up and I'm wearing a sleepy Brielle in my wrap carrier. Tomorrow I'm even contemplating t aking both kids  with me on a Target run! We'll  see. Raya is  done with daycare until maybe a day next week, and I'm dying to get out of the house for awhile. Then on Friday Aunt  Megan and Uncle Shawn arrive, and on Saturday Grandma and Grandpa H. come up, so we should have  a fun weekend!

Tonight we have  movers coming  to get an estimate for our relo company of how much it's  going to cost to haul all  of our crap haha. We still haven't officially  chosen our realtor, but the one we're leaning towards seems to think he could have our house under contract  within 60 days of listing we'll see! I think  we're going to start looking at new houses once ours gets that we can be looking for new places at the same time as we're marketing our house...and then pray that things come together and we find a house we like just at the perfect moment when  our house sells :-) The realtor thinks that  the 3 "challenges" to selling our house is that there is no separate master bath, no completed family room, and the driveway is somewhat steep.  However he said that he thinks people will  overlook the lack  of master bath since the main bath has direct access to the  master and is totally updated, and he  thinks that  people will recognize that  our downstairs family room could easily be finished more "professionally"...and the driveway he thinks people  will overlook in order to get into this  highly desirable area. SO, let's hope he's right! Lee's goal  is to have our house listed by mid  February.

Ok, now for some pictures. Miss Brielle has  been  such a cuddler lately, and  last night the  little stinker slept snuggled on my chest for  a chunk of time in the wee hours of the morning lol. She's happy as can be as long as she's eating or snuggled by you :-)

This was us just  kickin' back  this morning in our pjs.

Cutie pie :-)

She's getting a little "chunk" on those cheeks!

As much as she likes to sleep and cuddle though, she's also spent more time awake the last  couple days! She sometimes will stay up for 30 minutes or more just  looking around!

I  love see more of those pretty eyes!! (Oh, and I've had many people comment on Brielle's pretty eyes in her sneak peek photos...yes, her eyes ARE a dark  blue right now! In the pictures I take her eyes tend to look really black, but  much of that is b/c she has "red eye" in most of her photos,  and the photo editing software I use gets rid of red eye by making them black. But when you see her eyes in person they are a deep dark  blue. It'll  be interesting to see if they stay blue or eventually turn brown like big sister's! )

And speaking of big  sister, she ate lunch at home today rather than at daycare---since he  picky eating habits didn't mesh with daycare lunch so well yesterday haha. What did the diva eat today? A peanut butter sandwich, applesauce, and grapes :-P


Speaking of eyes, Miss Raya's big brown eyes are just gorgeous...check out those eyelashes!!!! She'll never need mascara :-P

Time now to go frost my cupcakes! :-)


  1. the sneak peak photo you posted is cute, but i'm more curious to see the rest of the photos and see if there's some girly ones in there. :)

    if you end up going to target and want to meet for lunch or anything let me know, b/c i will be home working on homework all day tomorrow.

  2. Well i know the two things I brought were girly :-P

    My photographer prefers "simple" newborn photos haha...she always likes newborns in like a plain white onesie, but I never do that lol. So she did my two things and then this pixie hat and wrap from the sneak peek...and then some just plain naked baby pics.

    Oh god, don't think I'm brave enough to attempt eating with them both yet by myself lol. I'll see. Last time I wanted to go to the library I never made it b/c I didn't get a shower until late afternoon, so who knows if I"ll even get out of the house tomorrow :-)

  3. It sounds like you'll have alot of fun this weekend! I'm glad Raya is liking playing with her friends. It will be fun to see what color of eyes Brielle ends up with, but no matter what she is a pretty , pretty baby!!!!
    Grama F


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