Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to me :-)

Today I turned 29 years year away from 30, I feel so old!! :-P Guess how I spent my birthday? CLEANING! haha. We had our first realtor come over tonight and another coming tomorrow night, so my birthday celebration has been pushed back to this weekend. Probably won't do anything too exciting with 2 munchkins, but I think we'll at least brave dinner out somewhere...lord help us! lol

The meeting with the realtor went well tonight. He was impressed with our house and thought it showed really well. He also said that we had the largest bedrooms, and the most bedrooms, of any comparables...which will  help us stand out from the rest. He was also impressed with the master bathroom remodel we did and said it would be considered a completely updated bath. We still  have to wait a few days to find out what he thinks  we should price it at, but he said we'll definitely make some money on the's to hoping! Now after the 2nd realtor comes tomorrow we will have to choose the one we like best to actually list the house.

Raya went to daycare today, but I guess she had a little bit of a rough day with lots of crying this morning. I'm going to keep her home with me tomorrow. Hopefully she's not getting sick or anything.

The sitter did post some pictures on facebook today though....I guess it was one little girl's birthday over there today (good day for a birthday I guess! :-) and so they had cupcakes for snack. Obviously  this pleased my little snack-a-holic!

I'm sure not a crumb was left by the time she was done!

Brielle helped me get the  house picked up by sleeping a lot haha. She just loves the bouncey seat that John and Emily brought up for us to borrow. She snoozed away much of the morning!

Today Brielle wore an outfit that Bridgett gave her this week. It says "Mommy says I'm the best baby ever" hehe. I certainly do! :-)

...and Grandma, we decided to throw on a headband since I'm sure you've been dying for one :-P They are still pretty big on her though!

Crazy eyes!!! The poor thing just can't  control those eyes when she's awake lol

Sadly this outfit suffered death by spit up this afternoon, so then we tried out a onesie from cousin Harper...unfortunately  my  camera died during this photoshoot, so these are the only two pics I got....they will have to suffice



  1. Yes I do love the headband!! She's such a little peanut! Poor Raya, I hope the next time she goes to Erins she has a better day! I'm glad the realtor went well, one step closer to me!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Happy Birthday. My birthday is in 10 days and I'm going to be 27...aahhh I'm with you on feeling old! Have a good birthday. I love Brielle's outfits. The headbands didn't fit Keira at first either.

  3. i was worried since you didn't email me back yesterday. :P glad it went well with the realtor.

    geez the outfit i bought her is still a little big. i love the little sister one, super cute.


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