Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's 5am, and I'm feeding a very hungry baby AGAIN!

Doesn't everyone update their blog at 5am? haha  Brielle is a hungry girl and I figured if I have to be up for this long I might as well be productive and do a quick blog update! :-)

Yesterday we went into town to celebrate my birthday. It wasn't as disasterous as I expected lol. We went out to eat and Brielle slept the whole time in her carseat, until the very last 10 minutes when I had to hold her. Raya was good, but only would eat bread, french fries, and teddy grahmns (which our waiter gave her haha)....all three things she insisted on dipping in ranch dressing---yes, the teddy grahmns too! Whatever :-P  Then after dinner Lee let me order dessery since it was my birthday. I got strawberry cheescake and it was HUGE...they brought it out on this giant platter with 3 forks. And oh my, missy moe about blew a gasket over this unexpected treat! She took her giant fork and started shoveling cheesecake into her mouth! Even after I was full and stopped eating she was still going we just pushed the plate over to her and let her go at it lol. Finally she did decide she was full too :-P She may look like her daddy, but she eats like her mama!!

Then we went to the mall b/c I wanted to check Maurices and try to get a couple new shirts--yay for no more maternity stuff! :-P Unfortunately I had to go FAST---Lee was pushing around both girls and I knew Brielle's countdown had begun...she was going to need to eat! I quick found one shirt and got it in 2 colors before making a quick getaway haha. I still ended up having to carry Brielle out of the mall (trying to keep the germ-infested air off of her!) and then had to feed her in the car before we could leave...but all in all it was a pretty successful trip out with 2 kids under 2.

Today my mom is coming to visit, and apparently that other realtor *might* be coming today too, so we'll see.

Ok, now for a few quick pictures. Nothing to exciting since we were gone during the day and Brielle wore a repeat outfit (gasp!)...that's what happens when only a handful of things actually fit her right now!

Brielle always "poses" in her's too cute

Pose #2...

...and #3 (and yes, she often sleeps with her eyes half open!! It's creepy!!! I am constantly pushing her eyelids down for her so that I'm not creeped out :-P)

Miss Raya threw a bit of a tantrum this afternoon...mad about not being able to hold Brielle, not being able to eat more cereal, etc. etc.

Daddy dressed her today and did her hair....if you're wondering why she looks a hot mess lol. I've learned that when daddy takes initiative to do something you don't say a word!! Otherwise he won't offer ever again haha

....begging to get Brielle out and hold her....

another epic tantrum when told the baby was sleeping....

Daddy and Brielle! He's definitely not a baby person, but I sure hear him telling her "you're such a sweetie" an awful lot! :-)

That's it for today....I'll try to get together some more exciting pictures next time !!


  1. Can't wait to see everyone today!!! Glad your outing went well!
    Grama F

  2. can't believe you're repeating outfits! ;) i think lee's outfit choice is cute.


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