Sunday, January 23, 2011

Visit from Grandma F.

Today Grandma F. came up to visit--worried that Brielle had started walking and talking in the week since she'd seen her  last :-P

Brielle was happy to get extra cuddles!

Raya was the biggest  cuddle bug though!

She just LOVES giving hugs and  kisses!

While  Raya  and Grandma were looking outside  for squirrels, birds, and Raya's "elephants", Griffin became very interested in checking things out as well!!

It  worked out well  that Grandma was here today, b/c the second realtor showed up this afternoon. Lee and I  aren't sure what to do now though, b/c we liked the first realtor better on a personal level, but the realtor tonight is from a bigger realty company and from a sales standpoint might be  a better choice. We'll have to think about it a little more! The good news is that is sounds  like both realtors are pretty close in what they think we should list the house for, and it's a price we're pretty happy with...

Tomorrow I have  both girls all day by myself again...depending on how brave I'm feeling I've contemplated taking them to the library in town. I figured Brielle can stay in her carseat and relatively germ free while Raya plays and picks  out some books. Then Tuesday Raya is going to the babysitter in the morning while Brielle has her 2 week  checkup!

Ok, a few more pictures to end...

Tonight I had Lee take care of Raya after dinner  b/c Brielle was sleeping on my shoulder and I just  could not force myself to stop cuddling my little peanut! :-)

She is such a precious little thing...I can't  stand it!


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  1. Boy those eyes of Brielles are looking more and more like Rayas!!! It was sooo cute when Raya first waved goodbye to the realtor, then started blowing her kisses with both hands!!! Hey now your sounding like dad, he said you were just up there for a whole week!!! I said but next weekend I don't get to see them, so that would make a long stretch if I didn't come yest !!!
    Call me after Brielles appt!
    Grama F


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