Monday, February 28, 2011

Operation Swimsuit

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programing to bring you "operation swimsuit" ....lots of cute kid pics can be seen in my many recent picture updates :-0

Ok, what  is operation swimsuit you may ask? Well, it has nothing to do with Raya and Brielle, but since I know I have lots of readers who don't  regularly comment on my blog I'm taking the chance that someone out there might be interested in hearing about my newest mommy mission--to lose the baby weight (and then some!)

Brielle is officially 7 weeks old tomorrow. "I just had a baby" is no longer an acceptable excuse for looking flabby and sloppy :-P Since I am very motivated to do this I  decided to make a public declaration so that  I can't change my mind  later hahaha. Starting tomorrow I'm losing the weight!

I know, I know....many of you are probably  thinking "but  you look  fine already!"  Well, thank you :-) However, based on my BMI I *am* technically 2 pounds overweight still :-P Yes, I know....that's hardly much. But losing 2 lbs will  only put me at the top end of the "healthy weight" spectrum, and my goal  is to be smack dab in the middle....that means losing exactly 20lbs. Yes, I  gasped myself when I  first committed to this. Losing 2lbs would  mean I'm technically healthy, but  I'd still  be at the "gotta buy clothes  to make myself look skinnier than I am" stage. That is not the  goal here people! The goal is to actually BE skinny, and have a legit reason for Lee  to say "OK" to me buying a new summer wardrobe (!)....and also for me to confidently wear a swimsuit (not a bikini :-P) this summer at the pool with my girls. We've got MONTHS before swimsuit season...this will  totally be a cakewalk! (See, positive attitude hehe)

How am I planning to do it? Well, I've spent a few days thinking this  over. There's always the "just be  good and eat reasonably" option...but for me at least that doesn't have  nearly  enough accountability. And I'm no nutritionist...eating "reasonably" to me totally  included big  bowls  of cereal in the morning, among other things. Then there's the hardcore "you will  never  eat a sweet again" option....which yeah, it  goes without saying that THAT never lasts for long. Then there's always the "exercise a ton and eat what you want", but honestly with two  little ones and winter weather I don't forsee substantial exercise in my immediate future. Plus, since  having Brielle my arthritis has been flared up significantly, so any  exercise would be very low key. my ultimate decision was.....weight  watchers! Yes, weight watchers. Ok, I'll admit, I  didn't  know much  about weight watchers other  than the corny comercials  on tv. And  in my head weight watchers was for the 40+ mid life  crisit crowd haha. But  upon doing further  research I decided  that it should actually be  great for me! Plus, the big selling point was they have a modified version to follow for nursing mothers (since nursing moms are not really supposed  to try losing more than 1 pound per week, and we have to eat some extra calories to keep up production and such)...They have  also recently revamped their points system. Almost all  fruits and veggies are zero points! (They obviously don't want you to eat 5 bananas in one day or anything, but in general  you are encouraged to eat as many fruits and veggies as you want....totally doable and no reason to ever be hungry). There is an online program, which works  awesome for me right now b/c  I"m online constantly during nursing sessions anyways...and  the program includes tons of yummy dinner recipes, access to message boards--which I love, especially now as a stay at home is sometimes the only adult conversation I have all day lol...etc. Plus, I had no idea how many foods I already eat have the weight watchers points written right on them. So  easy. They have a free trial I just  signed up for today and then if I like it you basically pay like $17 a month, which I  am willing to do for a few months in order to succeed at operation swimsuit :-)

I will let you know how it goes!!! And if in a couple weeks you have not  heard any more about operation swimsuit then feel free to call me out...I'm now totally  accountable to my blog readers haha. The only thing I'm worried about is figuring out the points when I eat out (not very often) or when I make recipe's at home. I might have to do some rough estimates using the points  calculator online...but if I stick  to the recipes they have online that will be easy, and I  will  also be sneakily getting Lee to do weight watchers for dinner too! (The boy took "sympathy weight" to a new  level this pregnancy I think :-P)

Oh, and if any  of you have done or are currently doing weight watchers then totally chime in with some tips!

.....we now  return you to your regularly scheduled programing....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

You're in luck!

So I  wasn't going to post an update tonight. I figured that I'd been posting waaaay too many pictures  lately and thought you might be  getting sick  of the picture overload haha. However, then I took  a look  at my camera just now and decided you know what? It would be CRIMINAL to deny our faithful followers the level of cuteness on my camera currently. So I  decided that another update was in order. I hope you all approve :-)

First off, today we had to go get groceries and we decided that before getting groceries we'd kill  some time in town walking around Target and maybe ToysRUs, etc. So since the girls and  I  rarely get real out of the house outtings anymore we took  advantage of this opportunity and decided to get Raya all  dolled up. When I was finished  dressing her  I stood back  and admired my work !

Mission Adorable- Complete.

This little pillowcase dress I  got  on Etsy when Raya was  a baby. It never looked right on her rbefore she was walking, and even after she was walking I didn't have her wear it b/c she would always untie the ribbon straps! But now she is a big girl, and more mature about her ensembles (well that, and I tied the ribbon in double  knots--haha Raya....try to figure that  out! :-)

While in town we did go to Toys R Us and Raya was the only kid in the store she had a ball running around and touching every. single. toy. lol

I  decided she could buy one thing---and since I can convince her to buy whatever I want, I talked her into a new outfit for baby Anna! Reason number 1,203,847 why I love having girls...the toys are way cooler! :-) And it's possible that I may have been more excited than her to dress baby Anna in her new attire this afternoon hehe. (We let Daddy pick the outfit out though, so he participated in the baby doll love fest)

Baby Anna had a photoshoot this afternoon...

The shoes are like plastic Barbie shoes, which Raya just  thinks is the coolest thing ever. She spent a good 30 minutes taking off the shoes and putting them back on!

Raya  and Daddy held a wrestling match tonight  in the  living room. I was the sideline photographer.

Tonight after Lee put Raya to bed he told me "Raya  is so fun. I could spend all  day hanging  out with her."  hahaha. He may not be a baby person, but he is lovin' the toddler  stage!

Brielle just watched the wrestling match from afar....but it won't be long before she can join in the fun!! Two little girls ganging up on Daddy....can't wait!

Daddy may be  calling "dibs" on Miss Raya  lately, but I  fight him for her all  the time too

Lastly, tonight Raya was just dying to love on baby sister. I have been keeping her away b/c she's been sick, but since she's now been fever free for 1 week I decided I'd  let her spend some time with sissy. Well Raya laid right down next to Brielle on the floor and started screaming "Cheese!!"  ....she wanted me to take their  pictures! haha. That's my girl!!

She  just  thought this photoshoot with sissy was the most fun she'd ever  had!

See, aren't you glad I decided to do an update tonight? You were so close to missing out on this sisterly love goodness!  This picture pretty much sums up the  reason why I was hoping for a 2nd girl, and  so excited that Raya got  a sister!

They are totally going to be the best  of friends when  they grow up

This picture was taken after I put the  camera away. Raya got upset and started crying  "cheese! cheese!" hahaha. So I got it back  out and said "Ok, just  a couple more pictures" and she said  "yay!"

Lastly, this picture  isn't a very flattering one, but I thought you could REALLY tell  how much they look alike, even now with the big age difference.

Hope  everyone has a great week!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daddy's back!

So for the last  two days I was a 24/7 stay at home mom...lord help  me! :-P Lee had a work  thing Friday night and then had to work today (they are on a rotating schedule of working Saturdays, and he works one Sat. every couple months) he just stayed with a friend last night to save himself the commute. Now I've  pretty much got things down for dealing with the girls during the day, but  I do count on Lee at night to help with dinner, play with Raya and do her bedtime routine, and do everything with the dogs. even though he doesn't do much with Brielle I definitely notice when he's gone....and it makes  for some long hard days!! (Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy staying home with my girls and would hate to be taking Brielle to daycare any time soon!!! ...but like when someone says "why don't you go back to work then if it's that hard/stressful staying home?" I feel like saying, "just because I choose to be a stay at home mom that doesn't mean I don't get to bitch about my job. Everyone else who works paying  jobs outside  the home gets to bitch about their jobs, so I don't see why stay at home moms can't bitch about theirs." :-)

So anyways, Lee came home this afternoon and we were so happy...Miss Raya especially!! He got her up from her nap as a surprise and I just heard her saying "Dada?! Dada?!" when he went into her room, and when he came out carrying her she had the biggest smile on her face!!

The cutest thing was that  she kept hugging him and crawling on him, like she just couldn't get herself enough daddy :-P

Daddy did his special "you can pick  out your own hair pretty" thing after nap, and I love watching him "do" his little girls hair. (Although I must admit that sometimes I cringe at Raya's hair pretty choices....the girl doesn't always know how to coordinate!)

Notice the new doll Raya is holding?? Well Lee's Godparents sent the girls a package today...yay for fun surprises! They sent Brielle a couple outfits and a cute robe, and they sent this neat doll for big sister! I  can tell  the doll is going to be a favorite too. She is removeable out of her "crinkly" little flower/leaf pod and the little pod has an attached butterfly that you can velcro to things or hide in the little  leaf flap. And the little baby doll is cute and soft and has a removeable hat. Raya was mighty impressed with it all...

This is what  a "daddy hairdo" looks like :-P

Here are the rest  of the "goods" :-)

A cute  kitty robe  for Brielle, which will  come in handy this summer at the pool/ splash pad!

A cute little pink and brown outfit. Size 0-3 months

...and then this outfit, which is  right  up Raya's alley. She might try to steal it from's  her Pooh! :-)  ...although this outfit says 3-6, but looks  absolutely huge!

So  thanks to Marilyn for sending those ...always fun to get presents for  Brielle!

...and speaking of Brielle, Daddy got some cuddles in with her when he got home too

Isn't Brielle's outfit cute? I got this outfit off ebay before she was born, along with 5 other outfits (the  blue and pink cupcake sweatsuit and the pink panda bear sweatsuit, both of which she's worn already....they were 2 of the others that I got along with this one) ...well anyways, all 6 outfits were in great condition and Carter's brand and I  got them for a grand total of (drumroll please!) .....$10 and free shipping! Can't  beat that :-)  And our favorite hat  looks like it was made to match!

Ok, this picture is seriously the cutest thing ever....prepare yourselves.

Are you ready for it?

So Brielle has, like I said, recently started doing "real" smiles. She makes me work for them though...they are something she hands out willy nilly :-P Well today we discovered that  there is someone who can get her smiling quite  easily...big  brother Gunner! He gave her a big wet, sloppy puppy kiss and I caught this grin just in the nick of time!!!!

Ok, lastly tonight, a couple pics from earlier today before  Lee got home. First  off, I have  another picture to add to my collection of "birth control" pictures:

Yeah, so I  was on the couch feeding Brielle and Raya was eating snack. Next thing I know she deliberately dumps all the food on the living room floor and then sits down to watch TV like nothing happened!!!

Obviously I saw this and said "Raya, no no! Pick  up your snack and put it back  in the bag!" and she looked right at me, stood up, and then proceeded to STOMP on the food with her feet!

And don't ask what's up with her  hair....somethin weird was happening with her hair pretty lol
 The  child is evil people.

Brielle just looked on like "what  are we going to do with her Mama?"

And finally, I'm not sure where Raya learned the whole hide and seek thing, but today she insisted on hiding under the dining room table! She'd say "hide Mama!" and she'd crawl  under the table and I would walk around the room saying "Raya! Where'd Raya  go?!" and she'd giggle and giggle under the table until I'd bend down and look at her under there and yell " there she is!!" ....only to repeat the whole  process for about 30 minutes (and yes, she hid under the table every single t ime :-P)

Like I said at the beginning of this entry, staying at home (especially in the winter with a newborn and the stress of trying to move, etc.) is hard! However if I was working outside of the home and Raya was at daycare I would be missing all of these things!! I'm so glad I'm around to see her "hide", dance with her when the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song comes on, watch her language  take off (she said her  first sentence this week!!....she said "I need milk Mama!" :-) ....etc. etc. And compared to when I was on maternity leave with Raya it's nice not having to stress about going back to work and figuring out the daycare situation with a newborn this time around! Now if we could just get the house sold and get summer to arrive I will  go back to loving the whole stay at home mom thing even more!

Happy Saturday! Please enjoy a couple more pics on your way out...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Shopping gone WILD!

So tonight I decided to be brave and attempt taking both girls to the mall by myself. We didn't get there until almost 4pm by the time we did naps, got ready, loaded in the van, etc. but by god I was determined to make it there! Since Lee had my double stroller held hostage in his car at work  I ended up wearing Brielle in my wrap and pushing Raya in the single stroller. That actually worked really well and Brielle slept the entire 3 hours we were at the mall! The only  annoying thing was that I have to put Brielle in the wrap in the parking that i don't have to carry around the she was mighty annoyed at the transfer out of her warm carseat into the wrap, with it being chilly outside! It'd be super convienent if it was summertime.

Anyways, Miss Raya was a good girl and had fun playing with another little girl in the mall play area. I just love watching Raya play with other can see her personality so clearly! She's definitely a follower....she will pick  a kid and follow him/her around like  a little shadow. She even copies them when they laugh, even though she has no idea what's funny lol. The we had pizza at the mall and Raya enjoyed the crust (bread!)....she also had her  first taste of soda! Normally she doesn't care about my drink but today she kept saying "please!" and wanted a drink so I gave her one (knowing she'd hate it!) and she got a horrified look on her face and said "no mama!"  ....don't think she'll be asking for my drink again for quite awhile :-)

Oh, and Raya's mall attire? Well we tried out a new skirt and paired it with her puffy vest and pink polkadot tights....she looked so cute!! The vest and skirt are pretty big  on her, but it still looked adorable....and she got to wear her cool brown boots!

Got a smile....but not looking at the camera!

Found a stray Cheerio on the floor and mighty happy about it! :-)

Silly goose

As far as shopping purchases, I  mainly  wanted  to go to JCPenny b/c I  had a $10 off coupon I wanted to use. I found a bunch of summer things on sale for $4 each, so that  was a good way to get a lot for  my money! Plus, they had the same shirts in infant AND toddler sizes, which meany I had the chance to get the girls some matching shirts!!! (And yes, I realize that many people think dressing siblings alike is lame, but I think it's cute! I certainly  won't do it all the time, but occassionally is fun :-) Plus, I thought maybe they could wear matching shirts and different color leggings or something....

So here are some matching tunic  tops in nice bright spring/summer  colors

...and then I  got Brielle a couple little summer things

The blue shirt is from Children's Place. It says "Lil' Sister--I may be small but I
can be big trouble!"  The little  "jean" shorts are super cute bloomers

 And then Children's Place also had these dresses on sale that I thought was SOOOO cute! And yes, each girl got one! :-P Hopefully I guessed ok sizes for next winter...since  they are dresses I  thought they'd be  pretty forgiving size wise.

And  our  final purchase? Dress shoes for Raya  to wear with her flower girl dress in May! I found these and they were too good to pass up. They should look  cute with her flower girl dress, but still be casual enough that afterwords she can wear them with her regular summer outfits. Plus  they look and feel  super comfy and they were only $12 at Payless! :-) Hopefully  I didn't  buy them too big--I  got one  size up from what she wears nows b/c lately her feet have been growing quite a bit.

So all  in all  a productive  and fun shopping trip with my girls :-) The car ride home was awful though haha.  Brielle screamed bloody murder and Raya had a huge diaper blowout that  I fear may have destroyed her carseat hahaha. Thanks  for the reminder of why  I  never  take you anywhere girls!

Ok, and lastly, some pics of Brielle tonight (and Bridgett, I dug out a hat just for you :-P)

You can really see how jaundiced she was when you compare the pics!

Look  at those chubby thighs!