Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big Bows for Maddie

So it's no secret that I love to blog. A lot of times people wonder how I find the time to blog with 2 kids under 2 and honestly, it's because I make time. It's something I enjoy doing and I love that I can turn this blog into books that my girls will have forever. I will have these memories forever too.

I love to read other people's blogs too. Sometimes I just hop around to different blogs for a quick peek, and other times I follow faithfully. I've found many inspiring blogs, blogs by other moms with kid(s) the same age as mine, etc.

Well today I stumbled across the blog of a fellow mommy blogger. I immediately felt we had a lot in common, as I read how she descibed her 4 month old baby girl as a diva who loved pink and BIG bows and hair accessories (sound like anyone else? :-) However, I was devastated to read that today she is burying her 4 month old baby girl, who died suddenly when she stopped breathing at the babysitters. It hasn't been specifically stated, but it sounds like SIDS to me. My heart broke for this mom. (You can read Maddie's blog here: )

Baby Maddie's mom asked on her blog that people have their little girls wear big bows today in honor of her baby girl. This request has spread like wildfire online today and hundreds of people have commented on her blog. Of course I decided to have my girls here's  to baby Maddie!

I'm not a religious/praying person, but I wish that Maddie's family can find some peace and I hope it's something that I never have to experience myself. As a mom myself I can't imagine losing one of my baby girls. ....and I think it's great that in the age of the internet a Mama who's  struggling can get support from 100's of people all over the country and create such a special remembrance in honor of her daughter.

Someone is still kinda cranky today!!!

So if you have a little girl yourself today go stick a giant bow on her head and be thankful for each minute...even when they are screaming and testing your sanity!


  1. I cam across her blog too and cant imagine the pain she is going through! I put the girls in bows/flowers for maddie, even though were sick around here, I felt the need to participate.

  2. So very very sad. What a horrible thing for that mom and dad to go through. We all take for granted what wonderful lives we have, it's when you here things like this that we all need to reflect on how very blessed we are. Give my babies a big hug and kiss.
    Grama F


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