Friday, February 11, 2011

Brielle is 1 month old today!

Happy 1 month "birthday" to my little peanut :-)

For those of you who've followed us since Miss Raya was born you know that I took monthly "birthday" pictures of Raya with Mr. Owl every month--we watched her grow the entire first year with Mr. Owl and now those pictures are framed in her was so fun!! (For Mama anyways :-)

Well for Brielle I decided we'd do monthly pictures with Sock Monkey. I found someone on Etsy who custom made these onesie stickers to match Sock Monkey for only $8, so I decided we'd do that rather than me try to make my own. I wish I had these stickers for Raya too!!! Then Raya had these legwarmers and since they matched Sock Monkey I decided it'd be fun to have Brielle wear the legwarmers every month too.

I  think the getup turned out quite cute! (Grandma, I even found a strand of hair to hold in a hair clippie!!!)

Of course, having the cutest babies on the face of the earth means that the pictures turn out cute regardless of the ensemble :-)

Brielle did great for her photoshoot this morning. She held her head up so well!!!

I looked through Raya's one month photos to find one to share and realized that she was not holding her head up much at all at one month old. Brielle is apparently advanced in this are compared to Raya haha.

I also realized in looking through Raya's pictures that I'm no longer seeing them look as much like twins! Brielle is becoming her own little person I think ;-)

Here is Raya's one month picture with Mr. Owl

As far as Brielle's 1 month stats, she is now wearing size 1 diapers! I think she may have a little ghetto booty like Miss Raya LOL. I don't know how much she weighs, but I"m guessing 8ish lbs...I"ll have to try and weigh her sometime to get a better guesstimate. She seems to have long legs, b/c she's outgrowing the pants on her newborn outfits, but can still easily wear most of the shirts and onesies. She's just getting into 0-3 month stuff, but most is still pretty big on her. Her eyes still look dark blue...her hair keeps getting spikier and spikier (I love  it! hehe)...she is not by any stretch of the imagination on anything that could be called a "Schedule"...but overall she's a much easier baby than Raya was, which I"m very thankful for!

"Seriously Mama? You're STILL taking photos?!"

I really can't believe  it's been a whole month already...LOVE her.

...but it's true what they say. No matter how much you love one child, and can't imagine ever loving another as much, you really do. I'm head over heels in love with Brielle, but I'm also a total sucker for her big sister too ;-)

I know there were other things I planned to write about today but now I"m drawing a blank, and Brielle has decided she's now unhappy and soon we need to go pick up Miss Raya from her playdate at that means it's time to call this blog update finished :-)


Happy Birthday Brielle!!


  1. Cute, cute, cute!!! I just realized how much Brielle and sock monkeys hair looks alike!!!!!!!!
    Well they may be looking different but boy can you tell they are sisters!!! Brielle does look like she is holding herself up alot better, maybe she is going to be a athlete as well as a model!!!
    Grama F

  2. omg i love the sock monkey, love the outfit brielle is wearing. she is adorable. happy 1 month brielle!!


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