Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!! ...and a house tour :-P

Raya went to Erin's today--she's having way more fun there than she would here I'm sure....they are doing V-day treats and activities....right up Missy Moe's alley :-P

Before she left today though she insisted on putting on her chapstick. Apparently the holiday of love requires a girl to look good, even among the toddler crowd :-p

Aren't you all impressed that Raya has already worn her v-day Mickey shirt 3 times?! That's almost a record amongst her clothing items...and I'm even more impressed that I kept up with her laundry enough that it was clean that often! haha

I didn't buy Brielle a vday outfit. All the infant ones were very obviously v-day outfits that I wouldn't have her wear after vday so it seemed like a waste...and Raya was almost a year old for her 1st vday so they couldn't share. However I did find this jumper that was Raya's, that seemed we gave it a go :-)

Brielle wasn't being a very good model this morning so I gave up haha

Now to end, this morning as of 10:59am my house was the cleanest it's ever been (and ever will be probably!) haha. The  realtor arrived at 11 to take photos so hopefully he does an OK job. I never think realtors take very good photos...I'm a picture snob. So just praying he makes our house look good enough to get some showings and get it sold!

Since Raya and Brielle will never remember this house--their first home--I decided to take pictures while the house is clean so that they  can look back and see pictures. It's kind of sad to think about leaving their first house--tear :-(  Hopefully our next house is as good or better, or else I'm not going to like leaving at all! This house has treated us well...I love it!

So if you're interested, join me on a little house tour....

Living's a little small for a growing family, but I love the view out thebay windows and I love it's openness to the dining room and kitchen. Hope our  next house has an open floor plan too!

The dining room. Hopefully  our next house will have a dining room AND eat in kitchen. But since we don't do much entertaining this combo deal has worked fine for us. Oh, and that lighting fixture above the table?? That was my first Valentine's Day gift from Lee in our new house! haha :-)

Try keeping your kitchen THIS clean with a husband and 2 kids. Yeah. This photo is priceless b/c I know how much work it took to get it looking this clean!! :-P  I love the layout and size of our kitchen. Would prefer newer cabinets in the next house though (see how my wishlist is growing? Too bad there are basically no houses to choose from on the market right now in our new location!)

Main floor laundry

View off back  deck

Hallway to bedrooms

Our bathroom! We are so proud of this...we totally remodeled it and did all the tile and fixtures, etc. ourselves. It was our very first project we did together. I'm not sure we'll ever find a house that already has a nicer bathroom!

Master bedroom. I've never been one  to need a huge-ass master bedroom. I only sleep in long as it can fit our king bed I'm happy! Although if our next house has a bigger master I might eventually get a headboard for the bed. We've never had one! (oh, and can you spot Brielle in this photo???? :-)

Playroom!!! So sad we can't take the toyshelf with us :-( It's too big to get out of the room since Lee actually built it right in the room lol. Maybe I can convince him to build another at the new house

Nursery. How sad to leave behind the trees that Lee and I so lovingly painted :-( I really hope whoever buys our house has kids and decides not to paint over them. They are too cute!

Now to the basement...hallway to bedrooms downstairs...

Guest bedroom. If we have space for a guest bedroom at the new house I'm going to try making it prettier! So far Lee has always claimed the guestroom for his own decor lol

My office/ craft room. Yes, this is where the etsy shop magic happens people :-) Hence why it's so cluttered...I have a lot of shit!

And finally, the unfinished space in the basement. We did the best we could with it given our budget, but we're assuming the new buyers will eventually gut it and professionally finish this space. That was always our intention, should we have lived here longer. It's a really nice space with lots of room.


Family room/ play area/ dog area

And the best part....the view out front! So much prettier in the summer, but you can still visualize the pond at the end of our driveway. ....makes for good ice fishing this time of year! ;-)

So if you or anyone you know wants to move to the area let them know about this awesome property!! LOL ...our realtor suggested a list price of $199,500 based on the comps in the area, so that's what we're going to list at I believe. ...but  if you wanted to buy it tomorrow and save me from keeping the house clean for showings I'm sure I'd cut you a deal---maybe $199,450 hahaha :-P

Oh, and thank you hair dryer for keeping Brielle asleep while I did this update. This hair  dryer is a lifesaver!!! And i found this online:  I think I"m going to buy it so that I can use it during the night and not worry about a hairdryer burning down my house!


  1. Ummm, I am AMAZED by how nice and clean your house is :) Good job girlfriend! how the hell do ya do it?

  2. The girls look soooo cute! I'm sad to see all the pics and thinking of you guys leaving that house, the nursery and toy room for sure, BUT I can't wait until you guys are back here!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Dad wants to know if the realtors pics are as good as these, if not he thinks you should use yours, he thinks they are great!!!
    Grama F

  4. I have no idea what the realtors pics look like. I know he's doing the "virtual tour" thing which is a special set-up, so he may not be including very many regular pics with that. But if his are crappy we might be able to get him to use some of ours instead...probably only on the website though. He'll already have the flyers and everything printed up.(I'm the best picture taker ever :-)


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