Saturday, February 19, 2011

House hunting

First off, anyone want to fess up to leaving the comment on my last entry, asking about our house for sale? If you are legit then reveal yourself :-) If you are a creepy stalker please stop reading my blog, and no I'm not going to tell you where my house is listed...please go away :-P

So today we looked at 2 houses. The one from my last entry (with the theatre room) we didn't end up looking at b/c I drove by it yesterday and the yard was way too small, it wasn't even worth looking at. Then the expensive house with the huge living room and unfinished basement ended up being under contract...the people who "bought" it did so conditional on them selling their house, so if ours sells right away we could theoretically buy it out from under them, but probably wouldn't since it's more than we want to spend. So that left the ranch with the small kitchen, and then we decided to look a little further away in a different school district at a house we thought we might like, even though it would not be convienent for free babysitting from my parents or anything....but since there is hardly anything available we like we thought we'd look just in case. But then one further from my parents ended up having a sucky floor plan, no usuable backyard, and the bedrooms were small.

Well, the one near my parents (ranch with small kitchen) ended up being pretty doable. It's VERY outdated and we'd have to put in all new flooring before we move our furniture in...and we'd have to slowly replace all the light fixtures b/c they are ugly brass, etc. A little old lady lives there currently. But it does have 5 bedrooms, all are very large just like our current house and the backyard is large and private. There's kind of a shitty house next door which is a negative (but we could plant a hedge or something),....the basement family room is already finished and has a woodburning fireplace so that's a positive. The kitchen is pretty tiny with barely any counter space and no logical way to make the kitchen bigger at any time, but if we "cutesy" the kitchen up with new counters, flooring, and appliances I would definitely live with it b/c I"m not a big cook anyways. The upstairs living room is really my biggest problem b/c it's about the same size as what we have now (pretty small) but b/c of the windows, doorways, etc. there is really only one good wall to put furniture on. If we did end up with that house we'd probably use the downstairs family room with fireplace (which is a huge space) as our main living room, and the upstairs living room would just be a formal living room with a couple peices of furniture. Oh, and the master bedroom had a huge walkin closet, but the bathroom is super strange. There is a door on one wall of the master that goes to just a toilet, and then on the other wall is a door to the vanity and I guess it's so you can crap in private while someone else gets ready LOL. Not a deal breaker, but definitely kinda weird. The downstairs storage room in this house is like the hugest thing ever and has tons of built in shelving so that's a plus too. yeah, all in all definitely doable with a little elbow grease. We aren't going to make any sort of offer on it though b/c if ours takes a while to sell then something better could come along, and this definitely wasn't our dream house that we got all orgasmic over haha (although our dream houses are more than we want to spend!!)

So that's the house hunt update. We haven't heard anything about our house showing yesterday, so I think it's safe to assume they didn't write an offer on the spot haha. We are supposed to have another showing tomorrow.

To end, here are a couple cute pictures of the munchkins.

Think I created a new favorite outfit for Miss Raya...she looked so stinkin' cute!

Then Brielle wore a cupcake ensemble yesterday :-)

After the drive home my little cupcake looked like this:

...and Missy Moe looked like this (she fell asleep "reading" her toy ads in the backseat haha)


  1. Brielle is so cute in her little cupcake sweatsuit!

  2. The pic with Raya asleep with the toy ads is priceless!!! Miss everyone already, hope someone buys your house soooooon!
    Grama F


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