Friday, February 4, 2011

Matchy Matchy

Today  I unknowingly dressed the girls alike haha. Apparently I was in a Carter's brand blue/pink outfit sort of mood today b/c I  dressed both Raya and Brielle in similiar things! I realized this fact this afternoon when they were both hanging out on my lap, so I tried to get a picture. But  it's mighty hard to take a picture of your own lap, especially when there are two wiggly girls on it--one of whom is desperately trying to watch Caillou and refuses to look  at the camera :-P get the idea though...

Someone was drinking milk :-P
 Brielle did ok last night sleeping, after her first day on the "schedule". I did get her to sleep in her crib from about 11:30pm until 3am, which is great for her. After her 3am feeding though she would scream every time I laid her back down, so I eventually let her sleep in bed with me after that. Baby steps people :-P

Of course she had no trouble sleeping during the day today!

It's all good though...I like my afternoon baby cuddling sessions :-)

We're slowly making our way into more 0-3 month outfits! Gotta love a good cupcake ensemble :-)

...although Brielle is still working on her outfit modeling skills hehe

She doesn't think modeling is very fun...she needs to start taking things more seriously!! lol

With the amount of pictures we all know I take though she'll continue to have many opportunities to refine her modeling skills!

Love her.

To end, a funny story about Miss Raya this morning:

Raya was sooo dramatic when I dropped her off at daycare this morning! I really had to go get groceries so I wanted her to go to Erins, but  when I said "we're going to Erin's and you're gonna play with friends!" she started screaming "no mama!" and crying haha. Then when we actually got to Erin's she kept saying "Home! Home!" and wanting me to take her home. She was hysterical while I tried to get her coat and boots off and then she ran crying to this random other mom dropping off her kids and the lady picked Raya up and Raya was crying and asking the lady to take her home :-( I felt so bad! Of course then when I go to pick her up she's playing and having fun and as we get ready to leave she's waving bye bye and saying "bye friends" haha. Little shit....she was obviously traumatized over there LOL.

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  1. Oh are you going to have fun dressing those girls!!!! I'm glad Raya was happy when you picked her up, she sure knows how to play everyone!!!!!
    Grama F


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