Thursday, February 10, 2011

New camera!

Last night Lee surprised my by bringing home a "just because" gift...a new camera!! :-) I  bet it's because I've been keeping the house so clean, and cooking him gourmet meals like beef and noodles haha...or maybe he just couldn't help himself b/c I look so sexy all the time, you know with my lack of showers and no make up :-P

Whatever the reason though I am very excited! We have a nice BIG camera, but it's not something I drag around with me to take pics all the time. So I've always used the little Canon camera that Lee got when we first started dating. It took fine pictures for the most part, but was so old it was only a 5 megapixel camera, so pictures didn't always print very well--especially larger pictures. So Lee got me a new Canon with 12 megapixels! This one here:  Not too shabby for a surprise "just because" gift :-)

So today I've been taking lots of pictures with  my new camera. However, I will warn you SOME OF THESE SUCK! haha. I didn't figure out what I was doing wrong with the flash until just a little bit ago, so many of these pics don't look so hot b/c I wasn't using the right flash setting. Hopefully I've got it figured out  now lol.

...Raya is super excited  that I got a new camera b/c now she thinks the old camera is hers! She has been walking around with it saying "cheese!" :-)

...and trying to take pictures of sissy haha

My little budding photographer ...

I'm so mad I hadn't figured out the flash yet here...b/c  Raya looks so cute, besides the blurriness!
Raya insisted on photographing Brielle's tummy time session this morning. She even knew to get at the subjects level---you know, for the best picture composition ;-)

And no, Raya did not take this  picture on her camera hahaha

Brielle didn't last long for tummy time....probably  didn't like her menacing sister's face in her face!

I did ask Raya to hold Brielle for some pictures....b/c their outfits coordinated so well today lol. But Brielle was very suspicious of Raya....poor girl!

"Mama, this never ends well for me!"

"Mama? MAMA! Raya is getting upset...I'm going to go flying!"

"I  knew it...crashing to the  floor I go!"

My little terror

No fear....Brielle wasn't in the bouncey seat haha

However, Brielle WAS in her swing seat this morning...and of course was loved on (tortured by) her sissy the entire time!

"Mama? Mama! Sissy is about to  smother me!"

Poor Brielle, gasping for her last breath of air...

"Help. Me."


....then Raya insisted on sitting next to the baby

....and  feeding the  baby her cupcakes :-)

"Mama! Tell  Raya sugar is bad for babies!!! ....on second thought, nevermind.
Chocolate please!"

And finally, back in Mama's arms--safe from her big sis!

So there you go, new camera fun so that I can take more pictures!!! And good thing too, because we all know that pictures were very sparse on my blog before :-P


  1. love the pics with Raya and the camera, Kaylee does the same thing. She walks around and says "cheese".

    the pics of raya and brielle made me laugh, brielle looks so scared! haha

  2. Thank Lee for me!!! Just means I get more pics of my girls!!!! Poor Brielle, she just does not have a clue why miss Raya is always in her face!!! Love the pics of Raya taking Brielles picture, tooooo cute!
    Love,Grama F

  3. raya's a girl after my own heart (with all the picture taking). :) i like the picture of her sitting in her little chair next to brielle.

  4. p.s. does your new camera have wireless capabilities? i really want a new point and shoot that can send pics to your computer without having to plug it in.


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