Monday, February 28, 2011

Operation Swimsuit

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programing to bring you "operation swimsuit" ....lots of cute kid pics can be seen in my many recent picture updates :-0

Ok, what  is operation swimsuit you may ask? Well, it has nothing to do with Raya and Brielle, but since I know I have lots of readers who don't  regularly comment on my blog I'm taking the chance that someone out there might be interested in hearing about my newest mommy mission--to lose the baby weight (and then some!)

Brielle is officially 7 weeks old tomorrow. "I just had a baby" is no longer an acceptable excuse for looking flabby and sloppy :-P Since I am very motivated to do this I  decided to make a public declaration so that  I can't change my mind  later hahaha. Starting tomorrow I'm losing the weight!

I know, I know....many of you are probably  thinking "but  you look  fine already!"  Well, thank you :-) However, based on my BMI I *am* technically 2 pounds overweight still :-P Yes, I know....that's hardly much. But losing 2 lbs will  only put me at the top end of the "healthy weight" spectrum, and my goal  is to be smack dab in the middle....that means losing exactly 20lbs. Yes, I  gasped myself when I  first committed to this. Losing 2lbs would  mean I'm technically healthy, but  I'd still  be at the "gotta buy clothes  to make myself look skinnier than I am" stage. That is not the  goal here people! The goal is to actually BE skinny, and have a legit reason for Lee  to say "OK" to me buying a new summer wardrobe (!)....and also for me to confidently wear a swimsuit (not a bikini :-P) this summer at the pool with my girls. We've got MONTHS before swimsuit season...this will  totally be a cakewalk! (See, positive attitude hehe)

How am I planning to do it? Well, I've spent a few days thinking this  over. There's always the "just be  good and eat reasonably" option...but for me at least that doesn't have  nearly  enough accountability. And I'm no nutritionist...eating "reasonably" to me totally  included big  bowls  of cereal in the morning, among other things. Then there's the hardcore "you will  never  eat a sweet again" option....which yeah, it  goes without saying that THAT never lasts for long. Then there's always the "exercise a ton and eat what you want", but honestly with two  little ones and winter weather I don't forsee substantial exercise in my immediate future. Plus, since  having Brielle my arthritis has been flared up significantly, so any  exercise would be very low key. my ultimate decision was.....weight  watchers! Yes, weight watchers. Ok, I'll admit, I  didn't  know much  about weight watchers other  than the corny comercials  on tv. And  in my head weight watchers was for the 40+ mid life  crisit crowd haha. But  upon doing further  research I decided  that it should actually be  great for me! Plus, the big selling point was they have a modified version to follow for nursing mothers (since nursing moms are not really supposed  to try losing more than 1 pound per week, and we have to eat some extra calories to keep up production and such)...They have  also recently revamped their points system. Almost all  fruits and veggies are zero points! (They obviously don't want you to eat 5 bananas in one day or anything, but in general  you are encouraged to eat as many fruits and veggies as you want....totally doable and no reason to ever be hungry). There is an online program, which works  awesome for me right now b/c  I"m online constantly during nursing sessions anyways...and  the program includes tons of yummy dinner recipes, access to message boards--which I love, especially now as a stay at home is sometimes the only adult conversation I have all day lol...etc. Plus, I had no idea how many foods I already eat have the weight watchers points written right on them. So  easy. They have a free trial I just  signed up for today and then if I like it you basically pay like $17 a month, which I  am willing to do for a few months in order to succeed at operation swimsuit :-)

I will let you know how it goes!!! And if in a couple weeks you have not  heard any more about operation swimsuit then feel free to call me out...I'm now totally  accountable to my blog readers haha. The only thing I'm worried about is figuring out the points when I eat out (not very often) or when I make recipe's at home. I might have to do some rough estimates using the points  calculator online...but if I stick  to the recipes they have online that will be easy, and I  will  also be sneakily getting Lee to do weight watchers for dinner too! (The boy took "sympathy weight" to a new  level this pregnancy I think :-P)

Oh, and if any  of you have done or are currently doing weight watchers then totally chime in with some tips!

.....we now  return you to your regularly scheduled programing....


  1. Good for you!!! I have alot of pt's that do weight watchers, seems to be a very good program. I wish you best of luck, it's probably alot like me and having to count carbs for diabetes.Love,
    Grama F

  2. Good luck! I am trying to lose a little bit too, but just cutting out snacks lol.
    I have an award for you at my blog!


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