Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photo snob

Ok, so I kept checking to see if our realtor had his  photos up yet, b/c I've been very curious to see how they looked. In general  I always think realtors take suck-ass pictures....and you know what? Ours does too aparently! The pics are HORRIBLE for the most part. I about died lol. He  posted the ones he took in the dark, before our house was even ready to be photographed!

So I quick emailed him some of the pictures *I* took and asked if he could switch some of them in our listing. I haven't heard anything yet, but he better do it or I"m going to throw a bit of a fit. I mean, if I was a buyer I would totally pass by our house based on some of the horrible pics  he took. Grrrr.

And for comparion, here are my pictures on the top (living room and kitchen) compared to the ones HE posted, which are on the bottom. Our living room in his picture looks absolutely miniscule, and the kitchen looks even more outdated and ugly!

Click the photo to see it bigger

The good news? Maybe some of the  houses we've seen online that we think are horrible will actually be better when we see them in person :-P

****Edited to add: Ok, so he did just replace the "in the dark" pictures with some of the ones he took on Monday in the daylight haha. So at least he recognized I guess that the nighttime ones didn't look so hot. The ones I took and sent him are still quite a bit better though so hopefully he uses them. Ugh, can't wait for this headache to be done and over with!

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  1. I am soooo glad they replaced his pics with yours!!! They need to hire you to take pics for all their homes, they'll sell alot more homes!!!
    Grama F


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