Sunday, February 6, 2011

Productive Weekend

Lee and I were very productive this weekend...go us :-)  The realtor is officially putting our house on the market next week and so this weekend we had some touch up painting to do, some caulking, etc. etc. Amidst all the hard work we made it out to dinner Sat. night and got some play  time in with the girls. Then next weekend my parents are coming up Saturday to help Lee clean out the garage and my mom is painting bathroom ceilings. We should be set after that!

In other news, Brielle has been FUS-SY the last couple days and sleeping very little at night. She's been waking up at 4am ready to start the day and  not going back to sleep (ugh!) and she continues to act gassy and uncomfortable after feedings. I think I will call the pediatrician tomorrow morning to see if he has any suggestions. I also think some of her problem may be a growth spurt. Those are common usually at 1 week, 3weeks, and 6 weeks of age from my understanding, so it could be a 3 week growth spurt. She wants to eat constantly which makes sense then. Tonight I actually broke down and decided to give her a bottle of formula (i had some ready made bottle samples from the hospital) and she sucked down the whole 2 ounce  bottle no problem, so maybe she's just really really hungry.  I did the bottle simply b/c she's been eating so often today that I didn't feel like she was giving my boobs any time to replenish themselves! we'll see. She didn't seem any less fussy or gassy after the bottle as compared  to nursing though...

Saturday morning Lee had to run to town to get some supplies for our home improvement projects, so he took Raya with him. He said she was an angel and he had no problems :-) Apparently he told her she could  pick out a present at the  store and he said she had it narrowed down to wooden blocks or a dog toy haha...and finally she decided on the wooden blocks :-P I'm glad she did too b/c she has had lots of fun playing with them together with daddy!!! Probably wouldnt' have had as much fun with the dog toy!

Daddy had fun spelling their names haha

Raya had fun wrestling Daddy...

...and looking outside for squirrels, birds, and "elephants" :-P

She did  NOT like Daddy stuffing her baby into the blocks container though...she tattled on him to Mama :-P

(Clothing change here--Raya spilled all over herself haha...still from today though....)

Mama was folding and putting away clothes and Miss Raya suddenly started going through  the laundry and collection wash rags...

Apparently she remembered that I sometimes let her  help me dust, and I use wash rags as dust rags....b/c  Miss  Raya started dusting for me all on her own! :-)

And what has  Brielle been up to today you may wonder?

Well, there's been lots of eating and spitting up...

And lots of crying!

And in between there were tiny amounts of sleeping.

"What Mama? Have I been naughty?"

I should have known when she came out as cute as Raya what I was in for! I always joked that Raya was a cute and high needs couldnt have both "cute" and "easy"!! I thought maybe this time I'd get the homely easy going baby, but I guess alas I'm destined to only have the adorable  ones :-)  Fussiness is a small price to pay then I guess....

Although Lee says the 3rd one can be an ugly little boy LOL...he said, and I quote, "If we ever have a boy he'll be a hillbilly like me so it won't matter if he's cute!" 


  1. Cute pics with Raya and Daddy!! I'm glad they are having so much fun, he just can't help himself though when it comes to teasing Raya,( baby in box)! I can' wait to see Brielle, she is growing so fast. Are her eyes still looking blue? Also is that just spit up on her tongue? not a white coating like yeast? So the formula didn't seem to help her tummy?, maybe a soy formula would, you could not tolere milk based formula.Love,
    Grama F

  2. Yeah, just spit up.

    She did sleep much better last night...did from like 11 until 3:30 in her crib! Then did about 4-5:30 in my bed and after that decided it was morning.

    We'll see how today goes....

  3. that's really cute that lee took raya into town with him. my dad used to take us with him when he'd run errands and i remember loving that. he'd always reward us with a candy bar, lol.

  4. Yeah, Lee takes Raya with him a lot...she's always really good in town so he likes to take her. Although she usually goes to farm and fleet or lowes or something she definitely knows it's a daddy trip and not a Mama one! :-)


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