Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rough night

So last night was rough! Brielle and I went to bed around 9pm and she slept until  11:30 in her  crib (good!) but then I fed her and she went back to sleep until  just after midnight (not good!) when she woke  up choking on spit up--and it got her  really worked up and after that I  could not get her to go back to sleep! I went back and forth with her until about 4am before she finally went to sleep in her little swing chair, and that's where she slept off and on until about 6:30am. Needless to say I'm tired today!!

I got Raya up this morning and we took her to daycare. She cried again when I dropped her off, but Erin said it only lasted about 1 minute this time. Raya is dramatic lol. So then I tried taking Brielle into town b/c I've been wanting to pick up a few things to "stage" the house a little. But  upon entering the very first store Brielle puked all over herself, was SCREAMING through the store, and with me being tired after a long  night I just decided the screw it and go back  home! haha. So we were in town all of about 5 minutes lol.

Good news though was that Brielle really was good most of the afternoon :-)

...she did go through 4 outfits today though with all her dang  spitting up!

This  is the  swing chair, being  used as a little  rock and play...this  is where she ended up sleeping  early this morning too.

Grandma, this is the hazard with me making  her  wear headbands  that are too big!  :-)

Yesterday I DID have a successful outting though. I took both girls into town for Raya and I to get fitted for dresses (we're in a wedding in May) and then we made a Target run just since I already had them loaded in the car and in town. Both girls did great! The only problem is that Raya walks at a snails pace and Brielle and I practically got frost bite waiting on her haha.

...but anyways, at Target I bought her a bubble blower just like what they used at Kindermusik, since she LOVED that.

Here is her  tonight  playing with her bubbles...although she was being a turd and throwing a fit for food (apparently she must not have eaten much at daycare today!) so this  is as good as I  could get.

...and here she  is saying "snack! snack!" and "cereal! cereal!" haha

I told her  she  had to wait b/c it was almost supper time. That didn't  go over so well...

So to distract her  I let her have her chapstick (which she asks for CONSTANTLY by smacking her lips together haha)

(Sidenote: Raya's adorable new  "thing" is that  when I put her  to bed at night I  sometimes sing "rock-a-bye baby" and I hold her and rock her for awhile, but it wasn't something I always did. Well a few nights ago I was in a hurry b/c I had to get back to Brielle and so I just laid Raya in bed and said "night night"...and she looks at me with her big brown eyes and said "rock Mama, rock Mama!"  I said "I  forgot to rock you?" and she said "yeah!"  haha. So now she is sure to remind me each night....I think someone figured out a way to get more 1-on-1 with mama ;-) That's alright with me though...I'll  snuggle my babydoll any time

Lastly, here is Brielle after her bath tonight....showing how big she's getting!! My mom had bought  her  3 newborn sleepers after she was born and we discovered she was so little....this  is one of them. Well they were plenty big to begin with but now look how snug they're getting! The arms are too short and tonight I noticed her little legs are stretched mighty tight  lol. Growin' girl!

The hair isn't getting any less crazy! haha

 That's all for tonight! Wish me luck tomorrow...I've got both girls all  day at home again...Brielle better sleep tonight!!!

....she's looking mighty wide-eyed though...I'm in trouble!!!!!!!


  1. Raya is just toooo smart!!! She knows how to work everybody with those big brown eyes!!!! Look out when she is a teenager! Brielle is growing way to fast, I wonder how much she weighs now? She sure has the crazy eyes just like Raya did, are they still looking blue?
    I sure hope you get some sleep tonight!
    Grama F

  2. It's never any fun when they decided they don't want to sleep. Hope you get more sleep tonight! Both the girls are adorable and Brielle is getting so the crazy eyes!

  3. you know to see how much brielle weighs shawna can step on the scale alone see what it says, then step on the scale with brielle and see what it says and subtract the two and the difference would be brielles approx. weight. just a thought.


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