Monday, February 21, 2011

Sick :-(

Poor Raya is a sick girl. Here she is this morning:

On Sunday we went shopping and Raya was acting a little unlike herself, but we kinda thought it was just b/c she had stayed up until 10:30 the night before playing with Sawyer. After shopping we went to visit my friend Amanda and her two boys, and while there Raya's nose started running. After we left there we dropped the girls off with my parents so Lee and I could go out to eat and when we got back my mom said Raya had been acting in a daze and refusing to eat (not like herself at all!) so we took her temp and it was 103.6...poor girl. I found out that the babysitter's boys had RSV over the weekend, and putting two and two together I'm almost positive that's what Raya has too. She's been sleeping most of today...I hope she starts feeling better soon and that Brielle doesn't get it!!! RSV can be really bad for infants and the doctor said I should keep Raya away from Brielle, but when I'm home taking care of them both all day that's almost impossible. I've been using lots of hand sanitizer!

So far Brielle acts fine though....although she did sleep 4.5 hours straight last night!!! Hope that isn't b/c she isn't feeling well lol

In other medical news, apparently Brielle has an umbillical hernia.Over the last week I started thinking "oh, I think she's going to have an 'outtie' belly button!" but then it got progressively bigger and bigger. This weekend my mom said it looked like a hernia. Apparently you just keep an eye on it and it usually goes away on it's own. My doctor wasn't too concerned.

I took this unflattering pic of Brielle this morning to show you all her belly button haha...Brielle is simply horrified that I'm sharing this! :-)

My tiny little baby is getting quite chubby!!! :-)

Ok, now a few more random pics from this weekend. My mom enjoyed wearing my infamous wrap...doing laundry while wearing the baby and drinking cold ones! (pop that is haha)

Saturday night John and Emily came over for dinner and the girls got to play with Harper and Sawyer. They had  fun!

Harper can't wait for Brielle to play with her :-)

Crazy eye cousins lol

Remember when Raya wore that dress that Harper has on??

Raya and Sawyer enjoyed some coloring (after Raya ate an orange popsicle, hence the orange mouth!)

Raya showed lots of interest in Harper! (I hope she didn't get poor Harper sick!!!!)

And Raya also went shopping with her credit card lol. That's my girl ! hehe

Speaking of shopping, on Sunday Grandma treated us to some goodies :-) We found some good sales and she had a coupon too. The pjs and hoodie are for Raya next year...the polkadot shorts outfit  is for Brielle this summer (the shirt has cute rosettes on it :-)....and the "petite cutie" shirt is for my petite baby of course! lol  Thanks Grandma!!

And lastly, in house news. I heard from our realtor about our two showings this weekend. He said he talked to the other realtors who showed their clients the house and the 1st showing went well--they really liked the house and are interested. They were going to talk it over this weekend and get back to their realtor today. So far their realtor hasn't heard back from them about their decision yet though (whether they want to make an offer). The 2nd showing also went well--they liked the house. BUT they aren't going to make an offer b/c the woman is an artist I guess and wanted a studio space, and she didn't find anything that would work for her in this house. I"m assuming she had planned to use a downstairs bedroom as a studio and it was too dark for her needs (I agree, our house is kinda dark b/c we're in the woods and all). So anyways, one possible buyer...we shall see! Our realtor is going to have an open house here next month too.

And so on the off chance those first people make an offer, we'd probably make an offer on the house we saw this weekend. I know some people were interested in more details about that house, so I have a few other pics to share :-P

This collage kinda shows how the whole kitchen is set's obviously slightly bigger than this, but you get the idea. Love the lighthouse wall border don't you?? If we did buy this house by chance we would plan to redo the floor and counters, paint the wall, and put in stainless steel appliances. I can live with the cabinets with the right updated counters and such, and cabinets are the most expensive thing in a kitchen to replace. Oh, and the pantry by the fridge has awesome built in organizer shelves that spin and pull out, etc

Then here is the living room that is my main problem area. You can see the window goes to the floor, which allows for a very pretty few of the backyard, but you can't really use that wall for much furniture then. and then the banister to the basement is one side of the living room, so once again, not good for furniture. Then you can't relaly see it, but the top left corner has a doorway to the eat in kitchen, so you can't block that with furniture either (even though the current owners have so much furniture it blocks everything! lol. I do like the vaulted ceilings though.

Here's the master bedroom's even bigger than you can extends off to the right a long ways too!

Then the lone toilet in the master lol

This is the main guest bath upstairs. Outdated!!! But I do love the cute porthole window :-)

The downstairs fireplace....add a mantel and hang xmas stockings!

The gianormous downstairs storage's even bigger than what you can see here!

And lastly, the backyard

and the swingset stays :-P

and the property goes way past the chain fence...they just fenced a small portion of the yard
I'll keep you all updated about whether we end  up with an offer from those people....otherwise continue sending good house selling vibes our way! Oh, and PS...Brielle has started smiling REAL smiles at me!!!


  1. I think that kitchen has real potential! The cabinets look like they are in good condition...everything is just really white! I think if you did the stainless steel appliances and put some paint on the wall it would make a huge difference! Changing the counter tops which just take it to the next level :) Sending good house vibes your way!!!


  2. Thanks! Yes, the house overall seems in good condition so that's a plus....even if it is old lady decor :-) It's hard not knowing if this is THE house or if we'll end up finding something else...b/c my mind is already wanting to start planning the decorating so I need to know what house to fantasize about hahaha

  3. I hope miss raya feels better soon. sick babies are no fun. Brielle is getting to be a chubby, so cute!! Keira is starting to get chubby too =) Good luck on the house hunt

  4. My poor little Raya , hope she gets better soon. Miss Brielle is finally getting chubby, just the way I like my babies!!!
    Love,Grama F

  5. poor raya, hope she gets better soon. brielle and harper look like sisters!


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