Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tummy time, Tantrums, Thilges visit, and Touring houses! :-)

Brielle did some tummy time this morning....she was thrilled, as you can see :-P

Raya did a lot of "tummy time"  today too haha...she was a tantruming machine today!

When Raya tantrums you just have to leave her alone...if you try to reason with her or distract her it just feeds her tantrums!! However when Brielle "tantrums" she usually can be distracted....for a bit anyways haha

Sometimes the swing works for short periods...

And so far the blowdryer still works wonders!! I'm counting down the days until my CD arrives so that I can find out if it'll make her sleep longer at night!!!!!!

Thankfully (for my own sanity) Raya did have some happy times today lol. Here she was rolling around on the floor and playing in the sunlight :-)

Then this afternoon my friend Emily T. came to visit! For those of you who don't know/remember, Emily was a coworker of mine at Keystone. She now is the counselor at the Elementary school in town so she stopped over after work today to meet Brielle. We were happy to see her! :-) Raya had to bring every doll and owl with her to sit on Emily's lap for the picture hahaha

Emily brought a gift for Brielle too...the most adorable outfit from Children's Place! It's definitely one of the cutest things in Brielle's closet and I can't  wait until  she can wear it!! It's 0-3 month size so hopefully soon :-) Thanks again Emily!

And lastly, we had the agents through the house this morning. They were only here about 10 minutes but they all seemed to really like the house (I ended up staying here b/c the realtor told me it was fine if I didn't want to take the girls out of the house.) They  all seemed to like the view and setting a lot....hopefully they help find us a buyer!

You totally want to buy it from us right? :-P

So then today Lee called our realtor for the new house, to see about looking at a property or two this weekend. Well apparently she'l going to Florida this weekend, but she said she'd see if one of her collegues wanted to show us around so we're waiting to hear back later this week if  anyone is available.

Unfortunately there is only one house on the market that we know of which fits our wants/needs. The bad news is that unless we get a full price  offer on our home and/or the sellers are willing to come down about 20k in price then it's probably too expensive for us. However I really love it from the pictures online and the location is perfect...on 1.5 acres! Oh, the other negative is that the basement isn't finished....but aren't he pictures pretty?! :-)

Then there is one other house we kinda liked, but  we were told it's been sold...however it's still listed online and it's been a couple months since it supposedly sold, so Lee asked the realtor to look into what the deal is. This 2nd house (if still available by some chance) is another good location, but a smaller and less fancy house--bummer haha. However it's more than 60k cheaper, so for 60k we could do a hell of a lot of updating to it ...and the basement on this one is already finished. (My biggest problem with this house is that from what I can see the kitchen looks tiny! Who knows though)

So you can see our dilemma...lack  of choices and champagne taste on a beer budget lol. We'll see what  the realtor says when she gets back to us!

That's all I have  for tonight...later!


  1. I just love Rayas tantrums!!! She is sooo dramatic! What the realtor wrote up sure sounds good, now bring on the buyers and come home!!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Raya and Kaylee are the same in the tantrum department. Kaylee is getting bad with her tantrums these days!
    Love Brielle's new outfit, adorable.
    Hope your able to find a house you like & can afford!

  3. Well, maybe in the second house the realtor is also bad a taking pictures and it's actually quite large :)

    Both properties look very nice!



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