Thursday, February 24, 2011

Updates Gallore!

So I have a variety of misc. updates to share today :-)

First, in house, we never heard back from those potential buyers (bummer). However the good news is that our realtor never heard from their realtor that they WEREN"T going to make an offer, so it's still possible they are just thinking things over or possibly trying to arrange financing, etc. We'll see. As far as house buying goes, we heard from the realtor who showed us that house that yes, we were right that there had been an offer on the home. However that sale fell through b/c the buyers were relying on government money of some kind that ran out before they could complete the sale (their offer had been conditional on them selling their house first, which they hadn't done yet). First, I think it's wrong that the government can give people money to buy a fairly pricey home when they obviously can't afford it (I mean, doesn't the government usually give people money who are living in an apartment and just want to get into a modest first home or something like that? If they already have a home, why give them government help to get a bigger, better home? But whatever!) anyways, now the seller of that house has a bad taste in her mouth after that sale fell through and doesn't want to entertain any more offers that are conditional on  the sale of a home. So even if we wanted to make an offer conditional on us selling this house she would not accept it. The realtor said that the government money becomes available again in March so those other buyers will probably try to purchase it again, but they'll have to sell their house first. So now it would just depend on if we sell ours first, or if they do, as to who can offer on the house. OR of course there's always hope that soon more properties will come on the market!!!

The next update is Raya's belated 21 month birthday update! I can't  believe I forgot to wish her a happy 21 months on the 18th! Bad mommy haha. Well, there isn't much new to report....she is talking a ton, and has started "reading" things (she holds a paper or book  and then talks really fast gibberish, will all the intonation, etc. of someone really reading...but  none of it resembles actual English words haha). She is about ready to grow out of 24 month shirts too...we can still wear them, but they're getting snug. Actually, many of the shirts I've bought recently (like that Mickey shirt) have been size 3T!!! However, her 24 month pants are still too long haha. I think buying outfit sets now is officially impossible, b/c her outfits need 2t-3t shirts and 24 month pants LOL.

Here  she is today showing off her "peace" shirt that I had bought on super clearance about a year ago. Now so far my buying ahead during clearance sales has been working great. I'd say 95% of the time I guess right and she fits into the clothes in the right season, etc. However every once in awhile I strike out haha. Yesterday I was putting her laundry away and spotted this shirt in her 3T section and I thought to myself "Crap...that doesn't look very big!" so sure  enough, I put it on and find it fits now! Good thing I discovered it now at least so she can wear it. 

In sickling news, Miss Raya is feeling a lot better I think. She still has a very runny  nose and cough, and she eats very little, but  she's playing and doesn't seem as sleepy all the time. So far Brielle isn't showing any symptoms either, which is great!

....wanna know why Raya has a weird "knot" on the top of her head, covered by a bow? Well that's the hairstyle you get when she  wake up and the hair hanging in your face at night becomes caked with snot, so much so that a comb can't even get through it. I just took the snotty mess of hair and wadded it up with a bow HAHA. Guess it's bath night tonight!

In Brielle news, the little shit still won't  sleep haha. We had our daily party at 4am today...I've become a coffee drinker!

Brielle seems to be getting so big! My mom tried weighing her this weekend by standing on the scale with and without her and came up with 10lbs haha. I highly doubt  she's THAT big, but she's getting up there! I always get a little  sad when I box up the girls' outgrown clothes and the other day I pretty much had to box up most of Brielle's newborn outfits. There are a few Carter's and Target brand newborn things  that still fit, but won't for much longer! The good news though is that between Emily giving me Harpers 0-3 month stuff, and the gifts Brielle has gotten, along with a couple things of Raya's that worked (even though they were born different seasons) we have quite a cute 0-3 month wardrobe for the little peanut!

This morning we tried on the outfit from my friend emily. It's going to be soooo cute once she grows into it  in a few weeks! Right  now the onesie isn't bad at all, but the pants are really big! I think she's maybe built like Raya haha.

She has reached a "modeling" milestone people! She can now turn her head a little and follow the camera with her eyes. Mama is so happy...the camera is going to go crazy now! :-)

....but she is quick to remind me that she still can't hold herself in position THAT long hehe

Such a pretty baby I have!

And lastly, a hubby update :-P We can't wait to move b/c right now the commute Lee has is so annoying (I  think more for me, not having him here....I don't think he minds the drive that much lol). When he gets home at night I'm sooo ready for some help, and for  anyone who knows Lee he makes no secret of the fact that he doesn't "do" babies. He loves Brielle obviously, but changing her diaper? no. Giving her a bath? Scares him. Calming her when she cries? He loses his mind himself :-P that means that Mama pretty much does all the Brielle care, but thankfully Lee DOES do a ton with Raya now that Brielle is here. Since  he doesn't want to do the newborn stuff he picks  the toddler stuff instead, which is fine by  me...and Raya is now becoming quite a Daddy's girl! He does her baths, bedtime routine (he's hilarious now b/c he thinks no one can do her bedtime routine "right" other than him--he insists on blowdrying her hair after her bath and making it all shiny, and then he lets her pick out the hair pretty she wants in it haha)....and so lasts night I got a picture of Daddy and  his girl, snuggling on the couch watching NCIS

And yes, now Raya  needs baby Anna, Mr. Owl (aka Who Who), her 2 owl lovies, AND owl blanket in order to go to bed. I'm surprised there's room left for HER in the crib!


  1. Kaylee is sick too, actually our whole house is sick expect knock on wood Keira. Glad that Raya is feeling a little better. Good luck with all the house stuff, I bet its stressful! Brielle is getting so big. Love her outfit. I just packed up all of Keira's newborn stuff too. They get big so fast, Keira will be 3 months old at the end of the month!

  2. Happy birthday Raya!!! Brielle looks soo pretty in that color. I still say the girls look alot alike, but Raya had more hair on top, that changes how she looks!
    Love,Grama F

  3. how come brielle never wears hats? o:)

    i love raya's peace shirt, and the pic of lee and raya is adorable.

  4. honestly she doesn't wear hats b/c 1) she only has about 3 that fit her and they don't match many of her outfits....and 2) It's a challenge to dress the girls anymore....always someone i'm thankful to get clothes on Brielle, let alone accessorize! haha


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