Thursday, March 17, 2011

2 month check-up

Today Brielle had her 2 month said she looks great!!

My little peanut weighed in at a dainty 11lbs 6oz...up 5 lbs from her birth weight and now at the 74th%ile for weight :-) Guess I'll  have to call her my chunky monkey, instead of little peanut now!

However the rest of her body can't keep up with her chub...her height is 21 3/4 inches (28th%ile) and her head circumference is at the 30th%ile. Short and chubby, just like big sister hehe. Good thing little ones can pull off the short and chubby look! ;-)

Today Brielle had to get 3 shots and her rotavirus thing, so she's been pretty "pooped" the rest of today. When I got her home she looked like this:

My poor baby!

We celebrated her excellent appt with a short little shopping trip. My godparents sent Brielle a giftcard awhile back, which was a super fun surprise (thanks!!), and so I told Raya she could help me pick out a present for sissy. Raya was totally into it :-)

Raya picked out 2 cute sleepers for Brielle, b/c I was trying to find 3-6 month pjs for Brielle b/c she will be in that size soon, and I realized that Raya didn't have any sleepers in that size!! I'm thinking it must have been because she wore that size in the middle of the summer, and probably just slept in onesies. But Brielle gets cold in just a onesie this time of year, so we actually did need some pjs for her (It's not often that we NEED clothing, more like we usually just want it haha).

So after picking out the pjs we still had a little money left over and while Raya was looking for something else to help pick out for sissy she found herself a Minnie Mouse shirt!!! Oh my, she decided this Minnie Mouse shirt was pretty cool. It was only $3 so I said "Do you think you need this as your big sister present?" and she said "YES!" hehe. So that's what we did :-)

Here are the goods:

The blue pjs are showing the  ruffly butt :-)

When we got home Raya  laid down for her nap (which by the way, she was SO GOOD at Brielle's appt. I had multiple people tell me I was doing such a good job raising a well behaved little girl LOL. Little did they know this Mama has a trick up her sleeve. It's called pulling out a chocolate chip granola bar in the exam room and bribing Raya to sit quietly on the floor :-) 

Here  is Brielle showing off her new paci. Raya used a different  type of paci, but Brielle likes the soothies....and I had learned recently of these wubanub soothie things that are basically stuffed animals attached to the soothie paci, so that babies can more easily grab the paci themselves, and also it helps hold the paci in their mouth so it's not constantly falling out. Well of course I ordered Brielle a monkey one! (They didn't have sock monkey ones, so this was the best I could do :-)

Pretty Eyelashes!

Then Brielle wanted to re-inact the  horrors of this morning for you all.

"No, really! They actually gave me THREE shots today, can you believe it?!"

"It HURT!!"

"This is the face I made when I got the shots. Mama even held me down, I couldn't believe it! What a traitor!"

"Today pretty much sucked."

Lastly, it's time for another WW tip of the day! :-) My mom wants to make sure she gets credit for this one haha. Since she's diabetic she's had to invent some healthy desserts and this is one of her creations. She made it for me the last time I was home and I was's DELICIOUS! It's pudding with fruit and nuts on top, topped with whipped cream....the entire serving is 3 WW points plus.....yummy!!!

First, I recommend these corningwear containers. A box of pudding makes 4 servings (1/2 cup each) so you can make the pudding and divide it into the containers (with lids!) and put them in your fridge. Then just pull one out when you need it to add the toppings.

You can pretty much use whatever pudding you like, as long as it's sugar free, fat free. I've tried vanilla, chocolate, and white chocolate so far and all are good!

Then slice fruit on top. I like strawberries and use about 2 strawberries per bowl. My mom likes blueberries.

Then spinkle with slivered almonds for crunch. I use 1 tblspoon, which is 1 pt. ...They are a "good" fat.

Now your bowl looks like this

Then top with light ready whip cool whip! I use about 1/3 cup for 1 pt. If you kept it to only 2 tblspoons it'd be 0 pts.

So give this a's my yummiest tip yet! :-)   1pt for the 1/2 cup pudding, 1 pt for the almonds, 1pt for the cool whip = 3 total.


  1. My poor little Brielle! She sure looked cute though, that's the outfit Raya wore the first time you brought her here!!! Love that little monkey, looks like it is tring to pull the paci out of Brielles mouth, funny!!!! I'm glad you like the desert! When I make it I poor it right into the bowls while it is runny. Also if you want to toast the almonds for added crunch and flavor, preheat oven to 350, bake about 5 minutes on a cookie sheet, watching close so they dont't burn. Store in zip lock bag!!!
    Grama F

  2. This post was hilarious. I love the re-inact part. LOL!!! and where did you find the monkey-paci thing. that cracks me up. i have to get one for kallen.


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