Friday, March 11, 2011

2 Months Old

Today Brielle turned  2 months old...Happy "Birthday" to my little peanut!!! (Who isn't looking so little anymore!! haha. You can tell, compared to last month, that  she is definitely filling out and now her head sits a little higher than Sock Monkey's :-)

In the last couple day her hair has started laying flat too! It  must be getting too long to stick up so much....I'm starting to miss the crazy wild spikes already :-(

As far as Brielle's stats, I really don't know her weight / height at all...she has her 2 month appt. next week though....can't wait to find out! She's wearing all 0-3 month clothes now pretty much. Some 0-3 things fit really well and some are still quite big on her. I think she'll be in this size for a little while. She's still in size 1 diapers, but she's worn size 2 occassionally too and those seem to be OK as well. She loves to smile and "talk", but she has to be in the right mood. If I try to make her smile when she's not feeling it I get a big pouty lip and then the screams follow haha. She is  really starting to show interest in her playmat, but  she doesn't hold toys or anything yet. She hasn't rolled, but this is really on the early end for rolling, and Miss Raya didn't really start rolling until about 5 months old, so I don't expect muchc movement from Brielle for quite awhile still. She is very sporadic with her sleeping, some nights sleeping really well and others being restless. As I mentioned, the night before last she slept 8 hours straight!! Well then last night I did all the exact same stuff and she only slept 4 hours straight, and then after that she was in my bed and up constantly. She likes to keep me on my toes!

One thing that hasn't changed in the last month though is that she's still as cute as ever. Actually, I think she gets cuter every day, which I can't believe is even possible!

I had fun with her Sock Monkey photoshoot again this month. She is  a very cooperative baby when sitting in this chair! However, I discovered that baby spit up does a number  on these paper stickers haha. Thankfully I had already gotten quite a few good pictures before she decided to puke, at which time the ink on the sticker started running and the sticker actually (don't ask me how) FUSED to the onesie! I went to remove the sticker and the backing is all stuck down with puke LOL. That onesie might have to be tossed now :-P

Puke face!

Today I took Raya to Erin's for the day. She hasn't been there in weeks, so I was worried how she'd handle it. When she was eating breakfast I said "You're going to play with friends today!" and she looked at me and said "NOOOO!!" haha. I kinda dropped it but  she watched me like a hawk as I packed her diaper bag and I could tell she was deliberately eating veeeeerrrry slowly :-P I finally loaded her in the car and she walked into Erin's house just fine but when I went to leave I looked down and saw a single tear running down her cheek and her bottom lip stuck out in the most pitiful pout--and the lip was quivering. She wasn't making any sound though. It was seriously THE most sad looking little girl I've ever seen. It looked like she was honestly heartbroken that I could dare to leave her. How I convinced myself to leave after seeing that single tear I have no idea haha. I'm sure when I go pick her up tonight she'll be having a blast though!

While Raya was at Erin's Brielle accompanied my to my ob checkup--all is well. The only trouble I'm having since having Brielle is that my arthritis (which has basically been in remission since 2007) has suddenly flared, and within the last couple weeks it's gotten so bad that I have trouble walking or picking up the baby until I take a bunch of tylenol. Poor Brielle gets tossed around like a ragdoll at night b/c my arms during the night get very stiff and sore so I can't pick her up very well! Of course getting in to see a doctor is a huge ordeal, so for now I'm just going to buy stock in Tylenol I think. Either that or become a rheumatologist b/c they are in such high demand I'd probably make a fortune :-P

No Raya pics today--since she was the star of yesterday's show we're going to keep this all about Brielle today! happy 2 months baby girl! The time is flying by just like it did with your sissy, but I can't wait to see what each new day brings! :-)


  1. Happy 2 months Brielle! She is filling out. She is adorable! I cant believe at the end of this month Keira will be 4 months old! It's going by so fast!

  2. Happy Birthday Brielle!!!! She is just so darn adorable!! I don't know how you made yourself leave when that poor little Raya looked so sad!!!! Can't wait to see Brielle again sunday, will miss Raya though!!
    Grama F


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