Wednesday, March 2, 2011

7 weeks old

Yesterday Brielle turned 7 weeks old!

She's growing so fast. Yesterday I  stood on the scale with her and it said she w as like 13lbs lol. I have a feeling that's not too accurate. Can't  wait until  her 2 month appt. at the doctor!

You can  definitely see how much she's grown though when you compare pictures now to a few weeks back. Here she is wearing the same outfit at about 1 week old and then again yesterday. The arms and legs on the outfit are short now! This is one of the only  newborn outfits that she can still get into, but I think we need to retire the outfit for good any day now :-P

As far  as "milestones" I wish I could say she was sleeping through the night! haha...but alas, I'm on cloud nine this morning just b/c she slept 4 hours straight last night....usually I'm thrilled to get 3 hours straight! So yeah, the sleeping thing leaves something to be desired still :-P She is smiling more and more and copying my facial expressions, etc....but you still have to work really  hard for those smiles! She has gotten herself on a little bit of a schedule....she is up in the morning anywhere between 4am and 6am...and once she's up she stays awake for 1-2 hours "playing". Then after that she does a lot of eating and sleeping with short awake periods here and there....and then she has a 2nd "playing" period for 1-2 hours sometime between 6 and 8 pm....and then she goes down for the night after that. So a very loose schedule, but a schedule none the less!

Still the best baby ever in my eyes!

I'm typing one-handed so I'll keep this short and sweet :-) Here are more pics of the new 7 week old!

Aren't those cheeks the most kissable things ever?!

Now on to big sister. Raya cracks me up every day. Her new thing is she always wants to drink water out of the bottle like I do. I make her do this on the kitchen floor, for good reason!

She loves to "wipe" after her spills :-P

Here's Miss Thang from yesterday :-)

We finally got out the playdo toys that Grandma H gave her for xmas...she had fun!

Playdough popsicle anyone?!

In random updates, first we heard back from our realtor that the couple who was interested in our home ultimately decided that they didn't like it enough to make an offer. Sounds like they weren't in a big hurry and want to wait for something "better" to come along. Well to whoever you are Lee and I say "screw you!" haha :-P  Apparently they weren't worthy for our awesome house anyways.

Lastly, yesterday was day 1 of "operation swimsuit" and it went great! I'm finding the plan very easy to follow and there isn't a single thing that I CAN'T eat. If I want to eat a snickers bar I can, but then that uses a lot of my points so I'd have to eat salad for dinner, etc. It definitely helps you make healthier choices b/c I find myself saying do I really want that unhealthy food THAT bad, that the rest of my day I'd have to eat super healthy, or would I rather have a healthier snack and enjoy a good dinner? I didn't feel hungry at all either b/c I was able to eat the same amount of food I always do, just healthier options.

The only time that I struggled was during naptime, b/c that's usually when I indulge in a yummy treat while the girls are sleeping haha. I'd been having (brace yourself, it's pretty bad haha) a bowl of vanilla icecream with an oatmeal cream pie crumbled on top, half a banana, and caramel sauce. Probably an entire day's worth of points there lol. But let me tell you, if you've never tried this you have to at least once in your's sooo good :-) So I was totally craving this icecream sundae yesterday afternoon but didn't want to waste all my points and not eat the rest of the day instead I came up with a "fruit sundae" and it was SO GOOD. I cut up one small apple, half a banana, and drizzled 2 tblspoons of caramel sauce on top. No joke, I found it probably 90% as satisfying as the icecream sundae!! And it was only 3 points total, as opposed to probably 20+ for the icecream one. I'm making that my new go to snack every afternoon :-) You should all try it!


  1. I can't believe Brielle is 7 weeks old, not possible. I can't wait to see how much she weighs!!! Does Raya try to eat the playdough? I'm glad your meal plan is working out for you, I'll have to get some sugar free caramel and try it!
    Grama F

  2. No, she doesn't try to eat it. I was actually "egging" her on when I saw she had made what looked like a popsicle...and I said "Oh, are you going to lick it?!" ....and then she did hahaha

    I'll have to find some sugar free myself...I bet it's even fewer points if I use that.


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