Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It's becoming clear that Brielle just adores Raya. When Raya interacts with her she focuses so intently, and often even smiles! Raya has  started saying "Hi baby!" whenever she sees's really sweet.

Today Brielle was watching Raya play with her ball toy...

Then Raya decided that it was extremely important Brielle actually hold one of the balls haha. I tried explaining to her that sissy's hand was too little, but that made no difference. She was bound and determined to pry open Brielle's fingers and get that ball in one way or the other! :-)

The way Brielle is looking at Raya just makes me smile :-) I can already picture me running around the park with two little girls giggling at eachother's antics....I'm so excited!

I think Brielle was relieved that Raya gave up on the ball thing :-P

This  little outfit of Brielle's was a gift from Aunt Emily. It's a kiki pants (don't know if I spelled that right)....but anyways, it's sooooo soft....I have no idea what it's made out of, but I do know it say to hand wash it! :-o  lol.....the but has a little snapped butt flap too hehe

The damn pink chair is back!

So as I mentioned in my last post, today we started "tot school" with Raya! I need to go pick up a few little supplies before I can do many activities (I mean, who knew we don't have any markers in this house?! :-)  ....but  I did throw together a fine motor activity at snack time today. Miss Raya's cereal was poured into an icecube tray and we used different sized spoons to transfer the cereal into various measuring cups (or to her mouth!)....and I also got out the little measuring spoon that came with her ear infection medicine haha....she liked stacking the cereal in that and then dumping it out!

Brielle sat on my lap and watched Raya's fine motor practice. I told her she was exempt from "school" for the time being :-)

Then our other tot school activity for today was that website I posted yesterday that has the little online books for toddlers. My oh my, that was a big hit with Raya! We read every single one, and she loved pushing the space bar on the computer to make the illustrations move. When Daddy got home from work they read through them all again!

While I"m thinking of it, here are a couple other fun finds I came across in my tot school endeaver. First, I'm totally adopting this "busy box" system as a TV alternative when I'm nursing. I just need an afternoon to put them together!

And in the spirit of Easter, here are some fun ideas I came across for learning games using the plastic easter eggs we will all have laying all over the house soon :-)

It wasn't all fun and games today though. Miss Raya is turning more and more "evil" every day....I swear people, she's kinda mean! LOL  Look at this face....strikes the fear of God into ya doesn't it?

Her latest thing is hitting. She keeps hitting me in the face!!! And she doesn't necessarily do it when she's's like she's testing me to see what I'll do and how I'll  react. The first time she does it I saw a stern "no. Hitting Mama is not nice!" and then she almost always hits me again, but softly....she's totally testing her limits! After she hits me the second time (no matter how hard) I usually do a very firm "Rayana Marie, that is not nice!!"  .....and then she proceeds to bawl because I've hurt her feelings.

....she's got an awesome fake cry....she squints her eyes shut super tight and scrunches her nose, just trying to force tears out

Brielle had a tantrum today too. I had wanted to take a cute picture of her because Grandma F. has been begging me to put one of these headbands on Brielle, and so today I did and thought a photoshoot was in order...

But then after basically 2 pictures she lost her ever loving mind and freaked out

I determined she was tired, and so a nap was in order!

She woke up in a better mood, but by that time we had lost the headband lol

And lastly, it's been awhile since I've included a WW tip of the day, so here ya go! :-) I was reading one of my message boards recently and someone was talking about how she had attended a WW meeting and felt like she wasn't as welcome as some others because she didn't have as much weight to lose. Another girl commented to her something that I could relate to. She said "when I was in college my weight was up, down, and all over the place. I had a thin friend that I always thought was the perfect size. One day I was walking through a common area and saw her drinking a natural meal replacement shake. I kind of laughed at she was all thin and drinking a shake. She said that she gained 3 pounds and was trying to lose it. Again--laughter. Her thought process made sense, though. She'd rather get rid of these 3 pounds she had gained instead of waiting until it turned into 5 or 10 or more. I had the mindset that when my fat clothes got too tight it was time to diet. In retrospect I wish I had taken her advice!" my tip of the day is that once you reach your WW goal weight, don't forget to MAINTAIN. I've always done the whole "when my clothes don't fit anymore I"ll diet" sort of thing, but I agree that it's way way easier to never let it get back out of hand in the first place. It's easier to lose 3-5 lbs when you first start slipping, rather than wait until you've got 20,50, or 100 lbs to lose! So this time, once I reach my goal, I'm going to (try) being better about maintaining!


  1. Cute pics! The girls will have sooo much fun as they get older! Love the way Brielle looks at Raya! Also love Raya throwing het tantrums, tooo cute!!!
    P.S. Love the headband!!
    Grama F

  2. omg. the pictures of brielle looking at raya are soooo cute! i'm gonna put kallen in his bumbo to watch my Raya. lol. and i love the little outfit with the giraffe going down her arm. i spent like 10 hours shopping for a fricken summer hat for a boy and just got so annoyed because there were SO MANY cute girl things. ahhhh, shopping for girls is the best :) oh, and the sandals are from Ross. but they're Carter's brand, so many you could find them out a carter's outlet?

  3. i love the pictures of brielle looking at Raya. it's the greatest thing. Keira does the same thing and I love watching them together. I cant wait to see how they'll interact when Keira is more mobile. Kaylee's new thing is throwing everything, which she's hit Keira a few times with her toys...and she does the whole lets test mom thing too! Little stinkers! I love the activity boxes..I may need to come up with something like that for Kaylee. It looks like Brielle is doing good with head control in her bumpo..Keira loves to be in her's


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