Sunday, March 27, 2011

Children's Museum

So on Saturday Lee and I took the girls to the children's museum. Raya has only been there once, and it was before she could walk...and Lee has never been before at I thought it'd be a fun time. Well, unfortunately after we got there we realized Raya was really under the weather and after an hour or so was ready to come home (she ended up with a 102 degree fever, cough, puking, pooping, etc....thank god the mess was all at Grandmas! haha)....but she did have some fun playing the short while we were there. Once we move back here I want to buy a year long membership....then Lee, I, and both girls can go as many times as we want during the year for only $100....whereas it costs us $21 each time we go now (and once Brielle is 1 year old it'll be $28).

So here are the pics from the day....enjoy!

Raya wasn't tall enough to reach this--you raced little wooden cars-so Lee helped her and she just thought watching the cars was the coolest thing ever!!

THis little slide was surprisingly fast!

She was unimpressed with the rock climbing wall haha

In one room there was a GIANT almost 2 stories tall

Raya and daddy climbed up to the top!

And down they came!!

Raya wanted to go again, so they went back up. Next thing I know Lee decides to send her down by herself!!! When she came out the slide I thought she was going to be half dead....the picture is blurry because I ran over to see if she was alright!!

When I got to her I realized my little girl is BRAVE....she thought it was fun!

The reason I'm not in any of these pictures is b/c I was wearing Brielle in my wrap and letting Daddy do most of the playing with Raya. I did try to get a picture with Raya though, and she would not cooperate!

I have LOVED this wrap! But Brielle is about to outgrow really works best up to about 15 lbs and then they start sagging more, etc. I'm thinking of investing in the next step of carrier since I do like wearing Brielle instead of taking a double stroller a lot of times. Still debating what carrier I want next though. Lots of people love the Ergo, but I think it's too bulky for me. I"m thinking a Beco....maybe a Beco Gemini, but I"m still not 100% sure. Anyone out there in blog land happen to have experience with the Ergo, Beco Butterfly, or Beco Gemini?? I'd like my next carrier to have buckles, not be a wrap.

I always feel bad for the book room at the meseum. It's so cute, but no kids ever want to read when there are so many other toys!

We ended with lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. And yes, WW totally endorses lunches of wings haha....I probably ate three times my points for the day but oh well...I'll be extra good this next week !

And if you're wondering, Miss Raya is starting to feel a little better this evening....hopefully the worst is over now!!!


  1. looks like a lot of fun.
    hope raya feels better soon =)

    I ended up getting those month to month stickers and the guy did take out months 1-4 and is sending me 5-16 months. i'm excited thanks.

  2. the survey was fun to do! plus its fun reading what other people write down.

    Looking back at your monthly pics of Brielle I got the same stickers but in PINK. I didn't even realize that Brielles were PURPLE

  3. I love the pic of Raya with the calculator, she looks so intent on pushing the right buttons!!!
    Grama F


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