Saturday, March 26, 2011


My camera's memory card is full full full!!! So I need to do some updates to make room for more pictures haha.

Hope you all enjoyed my previous Etsy post. I've gotten positive feedback on it so I may be including more of my Etsy finds and recommendations in upcoming blog posts!

But now today it's back to pictures of the girls....which we all know is the real reason you all stop by :-)

Thursday we played with Sawyer and Harper! My mom watches them on Thursdays and my girls were more than happy to join in the fun. Hopefully this becomes a common occurance once we move back!

Bridgett, Brielle can fit into the shirt you gave her now! (I had already dressed Raya when I realized this, but next time I"ll have them wear the matching shirts at the same time....they even have the same pink ruffle skirt!)

....Brielle wasn't a fan of picture time though :-P

On Thursday Raya had french braids!

Raya still just LOVES Sawyer. He can do no wrong in her eyes.

He's such a smart boy too. Know his letters, numbers, letter sounds, can find places on a globe, and writes some of his letters now too! Raya shows absolutely no interest in learning this stuff but by her age he was already eating it all up and knew a ton. I'm predicting he'll be a little smarty pants :-)

And Raya will be his adoring sidekick, getting by on her good looks hehe

She constantly wants to hug him

My silly little girl

Harper wasn't so sure about me at first...she kept staring me down like "who the heck are you lady?!" She's still a baldie, but look at those pretty blue eyes!

Bridgett, I know you think Brielle and Harper kinda look alike (which would be a crazy genetic mystery since Harper looks just like Emily!) but do you think they look alike when side-by-side? I just don't see it!

....although they DID both make goofy faces at exactly the same time! :-)

Back to the 2 peas in a pod....Sawyer and Raya were laying under the desk and kicking the top....they just thought this was HIL-AR-I-OUS!

Then Daddy stepped on them :-P

Brielle slept through all the excitement

Then on Friday since everyone was working, except my brother who has Fridays off and watches his kids, I decided to take my girls over to my brother's to have a playdate!

Sawyer and Raya played playdough....very exciting! :-)

Brielle slept in her carseat through the whole playdate...very unlike her but I"ll take it!! She did look very cute on Friday though

Her shirt says "petite cutie" and my mom bought it awhile back b/c we thought since she was my little 6lb baby, after big ol' Raya, that she *was* a "petite" now that she fits into the shirt and has those chubby cheeks it just cracks me up....petite no more, but she still has the shirt to remember those little peanut days LOL

"Put the damn camera down and feed me lady!"


  1. i like raya's french braids. i forgot about those little wiener dog shirts. no, i don't think harper and brielle look that much alike when they're next to each other. i think it's just that their (lack of)hair and their crazy eyes.

  2. Yeah, although Brielle has tons more hair than Harper....just hers in all in the back! :-)Most babies do the crazy eyes at that age....especially when you have a camera flash in their face lol. I was surprised Raya sat still so long for the french braids!

  3. Love the pic with John and the kids with the play dough, they are watching soooo intently as he makes the cake!!!
    Grama F


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