Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cute and not-so-cute :-)

So today my mom and I checked out my fav 2nd hand kid's clothing store and got a few things, and then we went to the mall for lunch and to let Raya play. After all that we stopped at David's Bridal so that  I could pick up Raya's flower girl dress and my bridesmaid dress for our wedding in May. When we got home we did a fashion show.

I'm sure you could have all guess that Raya is the "cute" and I'm the "not-so-cute" in this equation haha.

We'll start with cute

The dress fits great, except the's way too long! She can't walk, so I'll have to have it hemmed.

The back...after her 1000th "trip" hehe

Now for me. I will say this dress is very cute on the hanger, but to my surprise it's mermaid style...which isn't the most flattering on these childbearing hips :-P  I love the color though.

Yes, I will get a different bra :-P

And now the back...which doesn't zip over my giant boobs! We'll see if losing a little more weight helps, but I think it mostly from nursing, so we will probably have to see what alterations can do.

Yes, feel free to sing "I like big butts..."  ...I did ;-)

Now a few pics from today...

Grandma and Raya


Raya was covered in Grandma's lipstick after all the kisses! ...then used a pen to pretend she was putting on more lipstick lol

Not to leave out Brielle :-)

Smile from Brielle!!

Both girls  in the same pic with Grandma? Yeah, not so easy to do!

Then before we even left the house this morning Brielle had a blowout and needed a new oneise haha. The cool sock monkey slippers are from Aunt Emily!

...and lastly, here is Raya sleeping on the way home today :-)


  1. too bad about the dress! I went with the strapless option and I ordered it mid-January and STILL don't have it yet. They gave me an eta of April. Seriously? It's not like these are custom made! Mine will probably be too long unless I wear 7in heels or something, lol, but I'm hoping it'll fit on top. The lady had my order up b/c she said the one I tried on at the shop is stretched out b/c of all the different people that tried it on.... we shall see..... :)

  2. actually i think the dress looks nice on you! it may not be the most flattering style in general but you don't look bad at all.

    raya looks adorable in her dress!

    i also really like brielle's strawberry and pear onesies.

  3. haha...I didn't order mine until February Kim, and it's been in for a week! My problem was partly the mermaid, and partly that I was inbetween sizes so I had them order down, thinking I"d just lose a little weight....but didn't realize the problem would be my boobs :-P

    Thanks Bridgett. Yes, I thought Raya looked very cute :-) Hopefully she's not a turd for the wedding though...she's on a "NO!" kick lately haha

    I got Brielle's onesies and skirt/legging thing on ebay...all three peices from baby gap and I paid $5 total, including shipping! (and yes mom, I know she doesn't need clothes LOL)


  4. I think the dresses are beautiful!!! Raya looks adorable and if you keep doing as well as you have with WW I think it will look great. The color is very pretty on you! I love the pics with Raya and the lip stick all over her face!
    Brielle looks soooo cute with her little smile on her face! I miss all my girls already!! Sell house sell!!!
    Grama F


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