Monday, March 14, 2011

Daddy Day

So on Saturday we had to go do our taxes (with two munchkins, man that was fun lol). Luckily one of Lee's former coworkers (and friend) from his last job also owns a tax place so he did ours this year (and he was super nice and gave us like a 75% discount for the preparation fee haha)...and guess what?! For the first time since we've been married we actually get a REFUND!! Yes, I know....practically everyone gets a refund right? No, not us. Not even after having Raya and getting the child tax credit....we still have had to pay every year. But  this year with me not working (see, I knew me staying  home would make us money somehow :-) we dropped into a lower tax bracket...yippee. Also our friend showed us the write offs we could do for my etsy business and that helped too. So yeah, bring on our first ever refund!!!!!!

Then after taxes we went to eat at Carlos O'Kellys. WW tip of the day? Go ahead and screw WW occasionally, and eat what you want :-P I had never used any of my weekly splurge points (which WW says you can use them all every week and still lose weight following their plan) and so this weekend I used some of them...and it tasted good! :-)

After lunch we came home and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned! Another showing on Sunday to prepare for. Miss Raya watched TV with her brothers while we cleaned...

Good news on the house showing....we found out that it was a repeat showing from our last open house....a couple brought their parents back to look. They asked our realtor tons of questions so they seem very interested. Our realtor said they obviously wanted to go home and discuss everything with their he's going to call them to follow up in a couple of days. Fingers crossed they make an offer!

After our cleaning Daddy watched the girls for awhile for me. He's doing better every day with Brielle as she becomes less and less "newborny" haha. (Please excuse all their clothes....we were all in "grub wear" :-)

Then yesterday morning lee watched the girls while I got showered and ready for a wedding shower. Lee took this picture, to show what he does when the swing batteries die LOL. He just put Miss Raya to work pushing!

So yesterday Brielle and I went to my Aunt's wedding shower while Raya and Daddy had a Daddy/daughter day hehe. I dressed her in her camo dress with green pants and the camo slipper shoes daddy bought her...then daddy topped the look off with her camo jacket and they took off! (sorry, no picture of this outfit, I was too busy getting ready and frantically trying to get out of the house before the people showed up for the showing haha) Trust me though, she was a cutie in camo :-) Daddy took her to the neighbors and then him, our neighbor "fatty", and another buddy all took little Raya to the Sportsmen show in town. When I called to check on them Raya was just about to go trout fishing there. I'm sure 3 guys with little ol' Raya was quite a sight there!

Brielle and I had fun at the shower (and I ate more of my splurge WW points hehe...yummy cake and icecream! I will say though that I weighed myself this morning and I'm still losing, so no harm done :-)

When I came home Lee had Raya ready to go in her pjs and she was excited to show me the balloon daddy bought her at the sportsman show. Lee said she was scared of the clown making them, but she liked the balloon!

All in all a fun day for everyone!

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  1. Looks like Raya and daddy had a great day!! He'll get more into Brielle as she gets older, some men just are not into babies, your dad was one of them!!!
    Grama F


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