Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Etsy Finds!

Everyone knows I LOVE Etsy ( and I have my own store on there too (which I plan to reopen very soon!) Well lately I've been looking for things to put in Raya's Easter basket, and also for Raya's upcoming 2nd Birthday (b/c as my husband likes to point out all the time, why spend money buying "crap" made in China, when you can buy things made in the good old U.S.A.? haha. Plus, I like supporting home businesses :-)

Well I decided to share with everyone a list of fun things I've stumbled across that I think many of you would really love! If you are unfamiliar with Etsy it can be tricky to find what you're looking for (or sometimes I don't even *know* what I"m looking for haha) and so this is super easy shopping because I've done all the searching for you! It's stuff to please a variety of ages, boy and girl, and most of it is educational. If you've never ordered from before all you need to do is create a free account, then start shopping. If you find something you like just add it to your cart like you would any other website....and check out and pay with PayPal, so its safe and secure. I have ordered tons of stuff on etsy and have never once been's always just as described, great quality, and unique!

So here's my list:

1) These little I Spy bags look so fun! The store has excellent reviews, the price is reasonable, and it would be a great game for the car or restaraunts, etc. I have not ordered one personally yet, but I"m thinking of getting Raya one for her birthday. She might be slightly young for it still

THey have tons of patterns and themes to choose from. Here is an owl one I like though :-) :

A different seller makes something similiar as a little bag/purse, which I think Raya would like to carry around:

2) This is a way cute tic tac toe game and it's CHEAP. Another great travel game, and if Raya was old enough for "real" birthdays I'd totally order these as party favors. Lots of patterns to choose from.

3) I like these as another good party favor or Easter Basket stuffer, or just a fun little treat. Personalized name crayons! Could help little ones learn how to spell their names and older kids would probably just think it's cool to see their name in crayon. Very inexpensive and adorable packaging...if you want a specific color scheme you can do that too:

4) Ok, I love this one. It's a personalized cloth baby book and the seller uses pictures of *your* baby's body parts that you send her! Looks high quality and she has excellent reviews. So stinkin' cute. I need to come up with a reason why Brielle needs this :-P

5) Here is a personalized book for older kids. The seller is fairly new, but sometimes that's the best b/c they still have their prices very reasonable as they start out. It looks like a very cute book and teaches ABCs...It's one I know Raya would love! Where's Lee's credit card??? :-)

6) This is an Easter book with removable velcro cloth items to count's soooo cute! Once again a newer seller...the price is waaaaaay cheaper than other cloth books on etsy and so usually if you give a new seller a chance you end up getting an awesome deal! What toddler doesn't love removing and re-sticking peices in something like this?!

7) Ok, I think this one is just too dang cool. It's a custom coffee table topper of a road/landscape that your little one can drive his/her cars on! And it's VERY reasonably priced for what it is. The seller will worked with you on customizing it to fit your coffee table exactly and also how you want the roads set up etc. If Raya ever gets into matchbox cars I'm totally getting her one. Seller has perfect feedback:

8) Along those same lines, Etsy has tons of these little matchbox car wallets in different fabrics and designs. If your little one is always wanting to bring his/her cars along this would be great for taking to the doctor's office/ restaraunts/ etc. :

9) Raya doesn't get into cars that much, but she would love one of these art/crayon wallets! SHe is all about coloring and drawing right now. There are tons of sellers on Etsy making things like this, but here are just two examples I found that I thought seemed especially neat:

A tote bag version for the budding artist and it holds coloring books too!:

Grandma F....I thought of Sawyer when I saw this one :-) (This version is about half the cost of the other 2 larger ones) 
And an owl one:

10) For the tiny babies there aren't many "Educational" toys for them, except taggie blankets which are all the rage and you can find those just about anywhere. BUT, how about a cool initial taggie blanket? This is not very expensive and I think would make great baby gifts!

11) There are TONS of super cute memory games on etsy that are all different themes, to fit whatever obsession the kid has haha. Grandma F., wouldn't Emily love this one?

12) THis is a more expensive memory game, but I think it's really neat. Raya would love velcroing and hiding the peices.

13) This is my most expensive Etsy find, and if I had the money I'd buy one! But I had to share anyway, even though it's pricey. THis store makes all different kinds of custom playtents to go over your card cute!

14) Oh, this is fun. A felt board!  There are many Etsy sellers who sell felt sets and you can use them on a felt board either at home or for travel. Many of them go along with your favorite books, so as you read your child can "act" out the story with the felt peices! Just for an example, you could read "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed" and use this felt set to act it out!  I could probably make some felt things too, since I use felt in my own Etsy store....but for detailed images like these it actually is pretty time intensive, so I"d rather pay someone 6 bucks to do it for me :-P

15) Oh, I would love to get my girls this...a personalized name puzzle! I've looked around many places and this store actually has them priced very reasonably, and they are super cute!

16) I thought this was fun (although you could probably make it yourself pretty easily if you can draw at all (which I can't haha) ...a memory game of your family

17) I think this is a very cute idea for older kids....teaching how to tell time, odd/even numbers, etc. ...and Reasonably priced:

18) THis is a little pricey, but a fun personalized ball for a baby/toddler....and in her reviews everyone loves them!

19) A really fun cookie counting set with a personalized bag!

20) Every kid loves these magnetic fishing games, and this one is cool because they can fish for the letters in their name and spell it out!

21) This is a cheap alphabet learning book for kids who love dry erase markers (mine does!)

22) These are stuffed felt letters and you can get the entire alphabet for only $22 and the letters are HUGE! Usually sets like this goe for over 50 bucks on etsy and the letters are very small....this seller is *just* starting out, so if you are willing to give a new seller a chance you could score an awesome deal....and how fun for little kids to spell out things with the GIANT letters?!

23) A fun finger puppet set that you can customize to your family:

24) I think I'm ordering from this seller to do Raya's birthday cupcakes...she can do almost any theme and the stuff is adorable and not expensive!!

25) Lastly, here is something I *have* bought....I ordered these blocks to spell Raya's name for xmas and she loves to play with them. They are VERY well made, large, and she will customize with many fabrics....I did a pink and brown owl theme on mine! Raya's looked kinda like this:  The seller is on vacation for a week, but visit her store later!

Oh, and if you wonder, this is the store that made my custom sock monkey stickers that I take Brielle's monthly "birthday" photos of. I highly recommend these are a baby gift for new moms!

One last thing, here is the post I did recently where I reviewed the learning kit I bought off Etsy for Raya's Easter Basket:

Hope you enjoyed this update!! Tell me what your favorites are, and if you end up buying something let me know how it is!! ;-)


  1. wow what a great blog! when I have more time I going to look at them more carefully, there are a lot of good things in there. I think I'm going to get the stickers to put on the onesie for each month. I wish I found them sooner as Keira is almost 4 months old...but thats ok.

    thanks for all the good ideas!

  2. so i went back and looked through everything better and I am definetly getting the month to month stickers. I love the cookie counting and the abc dry erase book. I would love to get Kaylee the custom name puzzle..that is adorable!

  3. the month to month stickers are cheap enough that you can start mid year and not feel too bad :-) YOu should ask him to replace the first 4 months stickers with a 13-16 month stickers, so you still get a year's worth that you can use!

    I love the puzzles too!!


  4. Love this post, gives me soooo many ideas!!!!!
    Grama F


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