Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Love Shopping!

So first off, here is a little owl outfit I found for $8 and picked up for Raya to wear next winter. I had her try it on even though it's too big now. The hat is pretty funny haha....but the dress will be way cute next year with leggings!

Then today my mom and I took the girls to the Outlet mall. Emily and the kids were supposed to come too, but poor Sawyer is really sick so they couldn't come :-( Mom and I found lots of great stuff though....it was fun!

On my list of things to get were matching dresses for the girls. We have 3 weddings this spring--my Aunt Angie's in April, my Cousin Aubrey's in mid-May, and then my friend Bridgett's in late May. Two or the three weddings I know have hot pink as a color, so my idea was to incorporate hot pink and then somehow have matching dresses with different cardigan's. (Brielle will wear the dress to all 3 weddings, Raya will only need it for 2 b/c she's flower girl in Bridgett's wedding). But anyways, I found the perfect dress today! I got a size 6 month for Brielle though b/c the 3 month didn't seem like it's fit in May....hopefully it's not huge on her haha.

Here is Raya modeling hers :-)

And this is Brielle's

They are going to be so stinkin' cute!

Here is Brielle modeling the little hat. It's too big on her right now, but should fit in a month or two. Please excuse her crazy eyes :-P

Here hair is coming in pretty good now!

 Lastly, here are some of our other good finds today. These dresses for Raya are from Oshkosh...they are for next winter. In case you can't tell, there are layers of ruffles on the bottom of both dresses. :-)

Then these also. Grandma picked out the purple and black....I liked this grey one a lot, but you can't tell how cute it is in the picture. It's got a bubble skirt on bottom and little fabric rosette flowers on top with purple on them.


And I also found a few things for myself too! I took pics of a couple of the things...

This shirt from gap is cute...hard to see in the pic but it's got a ruffle down the front off to the side. Mom liked it a lot

And then from old navy I got a black tank, a purple tank, and a cute cardigan with sparkles :-)

Sorry, the clothes pics kinda suck LOL....Guess I'll stick to being a kid photographer and not a clothes photographer! They're cute though...promise :-)

That's all for tonight! Oh, one more thing....got a call this morning that they wanted to do a house showing tonight. I convinced myself it was the people who showed their parents....I thought they were looking one last time tonight and then making an offer! ...but alas, I have not heard anything tonight so perhaps it was just another random person looking at the house today. Boo.

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  1. The girls are going to look soooo cute in their semi matching outfits!!!! I had so much fun at the outlet mall, it was such a nice day and the girls were soooo good!
    Also love that first owl dress on Raya, can't wait till she can wear that!!
    Grama F


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