Monday, March 21, 2011

Lazy Monday

Today Raya went to the babysitters....I told her she was going to work on her social skills LOL. She is at that stage where everything is "No, mine!!!" try to take her sippy cup to put milk in it? She freaks out and says "no, mine!" haha. She also likes to take things she knows she shouldn't have (like lipgloss out of the bathroom drawer) and when I tell her she has to give it back she runs away from me yelling "noooo, MINE!" and then hides. Oh my....the terrible twos arrived ahead of schedule! :-) So I told the sitter to keep an eye  on her, b/c I'm sure she's just making all kinds of friends over there today with her possessive behavior  hehe.

Brielle and I have not done much of anything today while Raya's been gone. Brielle has been fussy....just wanting to be held all the time, only napping if I hold her, I haven't been too productive past simply caring for her.

I did get her to take a short cat nap on the couch this morning though....she was out!

Brielle did help me go through Raya's closet and pack things up though. We filled a tub full of her outgrown 12-18 month stuff, and all of her too small shoes.

Cleaning out the closet means there's room to start getting out some of her new the new summer pjs that Lee let her get at Farm and Fleet the other day haha. Farm and Fleet is a good store for family outtings...Lee has fun looking at all the man stuff, and I like the kid's clothes b/c they actually have tons of Carter's stuff at good prices. I'm excited for Raya to wear the horse it weird that I got a little sad thinking about how she's now old enough to wear a nightgown? haha. It's her very first one...such a big girl!

In house news, I was annoyed when driving to daycare this morning...b/c I saw that the house that recently went on the market (and pretty much our only comparable right now---so our competition) has the same realtor as who came through our house Sunday! I am 99% sure that he just brought the competition through our house to snoop! They had an open house sunday until 3 and then the showing was a little after that, so I bet that after the open house he brought them through here. I can't believe we cleaned house for the competition!!!!

To end, my WW tip of the day is JUST DO-IT! :-) If you are at all unhappy with your health you should start today and get healthy. Whether it be WW or something else (although WW is pretty much the only supported "diet" among doctors) you won't regret making the effort. Today I had my first person comment on my weight loss. Our neighbor came to help me with something while Lee was at work, and in the middle of the conversation he said "wow, you're skinny again!" haha. He hadn't seen me since shortly after having Brielle. Today I also got into one more pair of my "skinny" jeans, from before I was pregnant. Slowly but surely :-) I really don't notice a huge difference myself when I look, but my clothes fitting more easily definitely show that something is happening. I'm only down 1 lb this week. but I did eat a lot of extra stuff this weekend, and 1 lb is still great. I can't wait to go summer clothes shopping, b/c while it's all fine and good to be happy with your weight no matter what (and I was never all that unhappy with it before) it's still nice to be able to shop for clothes based on what you think is cute, and not what makes you look skinny or hides perceived imperfections. So yeah, off my soapbox now, but really...I'm feeling really great and even if I don't go down multiple clothes sizes, I still feel good knowing I'll be setting a healthy example for my girls!

I've got a couple movies to post of Missy Moe since I don't have pics of her today....stayed tuned....


  1. Hope Raya had fun at the sitters! So the realtor next door is the same one you've been dealing with, or just sommeone from that company?
    Grama F

  2. No, not OUR realtor...the realtor for the other house for sale---our competition. When we have a showing the realtor who comes through with the buyers always leaves a business card so that we know they came. When we came home Sunday we had a business card from the realtor who brought his "clients" through Sunday....then I see that the same realtor is who is selling our competition's house!! So it was mighty fishy.


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