Saturday, March 19, 2011

Looking back...

So this morning I've been somewhat crippled by my arthritis (just now am starting to be able to walk around without intense pain...ouchie! Can't wait for my rhuematology appt. on the 5th so I can get some drugs :-P) and so Lee took Raya outside with him to freshen up all our mulch beds, pull weeds,etc. Raya had a blast playing outside and the yard looks great now! We have another house showing tomorrow afternoon....someone new coming to look. Maybe we can win them over with fresh mulch beds haha.

This afternoon Lee's parents are coming to visit and then staying overnight. I'll take some pictures and share them soon!

For now I thought I'd pacify our millions of fans with a look back at what we were doing at this exact time last year (well, on March 18th anyways....apparently I didn't blog last year on March 19th so the 18th will have to be close enough!)  ...and crap, I'm just realizing that Raya turned 22 months old yesterday. Bad Mama, I forgot! Well happy belated birthday Missy Moe....Mama will let you eat a cookie today to make up for it :-)

Here is a link to my blog entry from this time last year. I seriously can't believe this was only one year seems like an eternity....Raya is growing up so fast!!! Still as cute as ever though.


  1. aww I remember that blog too! I cant believe we've been following each others blogs this long. Its been fun watching the girls grow up.

    Happy 22 months Raya!

    I've changed blog sites to here's my new blog

    have a good weekend and hope the showing goes good!

  2. Happy birthday Raya !!! I just can't believe how fast time goes!! It will be no time at all and we'll be looking back on Brielles pics and comparing them to that new little baby boy!!!!!!
    I hope those people love the house and make an offer on the spot!!! Have fun with Lees parents, I'm sure Raya will remember them this time!!
    Grama F


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