Friday, March 18, 2011

Love my girls!

I present to you reason 1,000,001 why I wouldn't cry myself to sleep at night if I never end up having a son:

I mean, come stinkin' cute is that?! :-) Yes, they make much better boy clothes  than they ever used to, but I defy you to find a boy outfit that trumps something as cute and girly as that! hehe. ....and if we ever had a boy Lee would (I"m sure) require that he wear camo 24/7, so what fun would that be? He doesn't say a word about girl clothes! (And if Lee asks, then yes, I totally had this outfit for Raya. In fact, everything both girls wear is a baby gift from someone LOL...)

Brielle had a REALLY rough evening yesterday, just screaming and screaming b/c (I think) she hurt from her shots. It was really pitiful. But she feels MUCH better today and has even been doing lots of smiling and cooing. Happy to have my happy baby back!

"Mama, does Daddy know you dressed me like this today? I  wonder if these  legwarmers come in camo? ..."

Never underestimate the power of ebay when it comes to baby Gap clothes! (And thankfully I finally got paid from watching those twins last year...b/c my "fun money" was running low haha)

In other news, Raya sported her Minnie Mouse shirt today. Although she's evil (as we all know) and as soon as I wanted to take her picture she suddenly had a burning desire to do THIS:

Go figure haha.

She WAS being a nice girl this morning though, playing with sissy. She  had to "explain" all the different toys, and Brielle just watched intently!

...and when sissy starts crying Raya is *always* right there to comfort her! (Nevermind that most of the time Brielle starts crying b/c Raya just accidentally sat her big booty right on Brielle's face!)

She's a silly  girl

And now, the WW tip of the day!

What I like best about WW is that is isn't meant to be a "diet", it's meant to be a lifestyle change. Basically just  learning how to make healthier choices and understanding that sure, you can splurge from time to time, but just count those points and make them up by eating really healthy somewhere else.

Well that's easier said than done when going out to eat. Luckily we only eat out about once a week, but everyone knows that when you eat out you are usually consuming DAYS worth of calories and fat in one sitting. It's hard making healthy choices b/c things that you would assume are pretty healthy can actually be very very bad for you! So, my tip is to use this website:   It lists many of the restaraunts you eat at, so that if you know you're going out to eat you can look ahead of time and try to decide which option meets your needs. (Mom, you will like that most of the foods have the carbs listed too :-) So basically just  click on the restaurant you're going to and then look through the meals listed and it will tell you how many WW points that is! It also has the basic nutrition info listed too. Just be careful b/c some of them have the new points plus values listed and some have the old points listed. If it's the old points listed just type the nutrition info into the WW calculator online and it'll tell you the new points value.

Now when I go out to eat it's a "treat" so I very rarely order off the "healthy" section of the menu if they have one. But I try not to go insane either. As long as you count the points (even if you pick something unhealthy with a ton of points!) then you can make up those points somewhere else....or save all your weekly splurge points for eating out occassionally. This weekend Lee's parents are visiting and we plan to order pizza from town (b/c his parents just love the pizza place here) and I am going to eat pizza just like everyone else. But instead of going nutso and pigging out I'm going to eat 2 small slices of pizza and then have a nice big side salad with fat free dressing. Totally doable :-)

Last  I said, totally check  out the website and for "fun" look up some of your fav places and food  items. Today I decided to look up McDonalds (generally an unhealthy option right?) and Panera (A healthy option right?)....I was shocked to see that you can have a Big Mac (14 points) and medium fries (10 points) for the exact same number of points as a Cuban Chicken Panini with no sides (24 points) at Panera! So if it was me I would think "oh, I'm going to be good and eat at Panera instead of McDonalds"....and yet if you aren't careful the "healthy" place could be just as bad!!! yourself the  heartache though and  don't look up something delicious like a culver's shake lol. I had been losing a little too fast according to WW and so I splurged recently on a Culver's yeah, I ate an entire days worth of points pretty much when I consumed a regular size shake....oops :-P

That's all :-) 


  1. o.m.g. THAT OUTFIT!!!! god, girls clothing rules ;) ps- just bought 2 brand new pair of baby gap shoes from ebay. Love that place. lol

  2. Brielle looks sooooo cute in that outfit!!! You better be careful about boy bashing, that third baby could very easily be one!!! He'll read this blog someday and thnk mama only loves girls!!!!
    I'm sure we can find alot of cute boy outfits to wear when Lee is not around!! Hey I love that list of places to eat, I saved it on my favorites!
    Grama F

  3. Haha, well I didn't say I would cry myself to sleep if I *DID* have a son, just that I wouldn't if I never had one :-P ....and if our last one ends up being a boy he will simply have to understand that his clothes kinda suck haha No worries though, we are definitely having 3 girls :-)


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