Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Hairdo!

So for lunch today the girls and I took out our friends Bridgett and Chris b/c we couldn't attend their wedding shower last weekend.

Raya decided to try out a new hairdo for lunch

She just sat in her highchair eating breakfast while I did it. Took less than 5 minutes :-)

I can't wait until her hair gets a little thicker so that I can try out french braids and stuff lol

She also wore one of her skirts for this summer....a little jean skirt with ruffles! I just put leggings on underneath since it was cold....she wore this outfit with her new green rainboots and looked so cute :-)

If you wonder why her shirt is all wet, it's b/c I've been letting her eat cereal (with milk on it!) for breakfast like a big girl haha

Always wanting to push sissy. Poor Brielle

This morning Brielle did tummy time!

Raya joined her :-)

Don't worry, I didn't let Brielle wear her pjs to lunch. She wore this little number

Then here are some pics from yesterday since I didn't blog yesterday...

Raya playing with her kitchen :-)

She's wearing a sticker on her shirt ....we got a sheet of free stickers that say our last name and are supposed to label our dvds lol...but Raya thought they were to play with

Yesterday Brielle spent most of her day like so:

Then last night Daddy was giving Brielle a bottle while I did laundry...

....and Raya was *supposed* to be sitting in the kitchen eating a banana I gave her. But awhile later I heard Lee yelling for me and he says "Is Raya supposed to be eating a banana?!" and I said "yeah, in the kitchen....why?" and he says "well, b/c she's not in the kitchen....she's kicked back on the couch!"

....and relaxing with her banana she certainly was:

Lastly, the WW tip of the day :-) I highly recommend everyone get a food scale. I picked up this one for $11:

You can use it to measure a serving size (usually in ounces) of just about figure out how many points it is. Fruit is free, so I don't really measure apples, but you could if you wanted to only eat one serving size. I use it mostly for measuring meat. A serving size of many meats is 3 oz. Yes, 3 oz. Most people eat waaay more than that in a meal. So far I use mine to measure deli meat for my lunch. For lunch I usually eat a turkey sandwich or a large salad with turkey on it...and I measure out 3 oz. of Turkey. Then I put 2 tblspoons of shredded cheese on top and a tablspoon of fat free dressing. I can eat a giant salad for 4 or 5 points only. Lee even loves the salads and requests them for dinner sometimes (although he puts way more meat and cheese on his lol). Every once in awhile I have a lean cusine or some other health frozen dinner, and most of those are only around 5-7 points too, which is decent, BUT they have tons of sodium so that still aren't that great for weight loss unless you are drinking a shit ton of water :-) So anyways, a food scale is a must  if you are doing the points plus system!!

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  1. Raya looks adorable, but that hair style makes her look older, so sad, I want her to stay little!! the pics of Brielle on her tummy remind me of you when you were about that age. You were on your tummy in that professional pic and you couldn't hold your head up very well, something reminds me of you!!!
    Grama F


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