Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One of those days....

....and it's only 2pm!

Today has just been one of those days where Miss Raya is having kind of a rough life haha. Didn't get her way? She cries. Gets reminded to be gentle with the baby? She cries. I offer to read  her a book, which apparently she doesn't want/like? She cries. Put on the wrong TV show that isn't to her liking? She cries. Present her with chicken nuggest but forget her "dip dip"? She cries. You get the idea :-P

She also has a tendancy to get very frustrated when she can't carry enough stuff. She likes to take an armful of things when she goes room to room, and when she has trouble getting it all picked up the way she wants? Well, you guessed it, she cries haha.

Here she is trying to carry every coloring book we own...

...and then she looks at me like I'M the one who told her to carry it all without offering to help hahaha.

Thankfully I have the ability to drown out most of the whining....such an awesome mom gift to be able to carry about the household chores with a kid(s) crying and be able to forget they're even there :-)

But then my little diva can turn on a dime and be the happiest little thing ever! One minute whining, the next dancing and laughing! Bi-polar much Missy Moe? :-P

But like always, she can melt me with one look of those big brown eyes...maybe today hasn't been so bad afterall ;-)

And not to forget my little peanut, while she reverted back to her 3 hour stretch of sleeping last night, at least she does so looking super cute. I mean, how can you not want to cuddle her in those new bear-footed pjs, even if it IS 2 in the morning?!

I think she's going to have big sister's eyelashes! Beautiful.

Now, while they are both napping at the same time I better start finishing the unpacking from this weekend!

....oh, and the famous WW tip of the day? Try "crazy mixed up salt" and spray "i can't believe it's not butter" on your veggies :-) The mixed up salt i picked up at Hy Vee in the seasoning section (pink bottle). There is actually no salt at all in it, so very healthy and won't make you retain all kinds of water weight, etc. It was recommended to me by the WW people hehe. I actually (for real!) like my veggies BETTER with the mixed up salt and spray butter than I did with my normal slab of butter and salt that I used to always do. In the words of Rachel Ray--YUM-O !!


  1. Our kids sounds so much alike its crazy. Kaylee had one of those days a couple days ago, I couldn't do anything right for her!
    Brielle's new pj's are adorable

  2. Poor Raya , I hope she has a better day tomorrow. Brielle sure looks like Raya in those close up sleeping pics!!!
    Grama F


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