Friday, March 4, 2011


Ready for the shortest blog  update you've seen from me in quite awhile? Well we've got a very busy weekend ahead so I don't  have much time today, but  here's a little something to hold you all over :-)

First, Brielle set a new personal record last night, sleeping 4.5 hours in a row! Yeah, I'm still  hoping for better, but I take what I can get. She's also been napping pretty well too, which is good.

As seen here, I swaddle her for naps and nighttime....helps her sleep much longer! (Although normally her feet are in the swaddle too :-P)

And not to leave Raya out, last night I heard Lee scream "what have you been teaching our daughter!?!" and so I rush to the living room to see what horrible thing she's doing and die laughing. She's walking around with her baby bottle stuck in the top of her shirt, desperately trying to get it near her boob and she's saying "boobie!" LOL. Apparently since I feed sissy with a boob she thinks her baby's bottle needs to be by  her boob too :-P

Oh, and to make the scene even cuter she was wearing her diva shades at the same time!

....but do you think I could find my camera quick enough? NOPE! By the time I got my camera out she had stopped trying to get the bottle down her shirt--bummer. Maybe next time I can catch it haha.

Here are some cute ones of her anyways..

And  lastly the WW tip of the  day..."icecream" sandwiches. Take a reduced fat grahm cracker and put fat free coolwhip between them--wrap them and freeze, for an easy to grab sweet treat :-)

Yum! ....can you tell I have a sweet tooth? ;-)

Ok, one more thing, Old Navy is having their $4 stock  up and save sale right can get tons of little cotton shorts, capris, tshirts, and tanks for kids for only $4 so you should check  it out! I just ordered Miss Raya a bunch of stuff for casual park/hanging out attire this summer....we lucked out and Miss Brielle was given TONS of great summer clothes from the friend of my SIL...Harper was too big for it and so we got lucky and it all came to us :-) 

....told ya this would be a quick one. Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. That is sooo funny about Raya and the bottle!! Brielle looks like she is in a straight jacket!!
    Can't wait to see everyone!
    Grama F


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