Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick Girls

So this afternoon I took both girls to the doctor. I  heard that many of the daycare kids had been diagnosed with RSV and strep, and since Raya has been sick the last few days (and Brielle started getting sick last night) I decided I better take them. Raya must lick the other kids over there I swear, b/c she was only there one day last week!

Well, the doctor's verdict was that they both most likely have RSV :-( Raya also has a bad ear infection and is now on meds for it. Both girls' oxygen levels were good and Brielle's breathing (in her chest) was the doctor said Raya is probably on her way to getting better (since RSV peaks around day 3-5) but Brielle is probably going to get worse before she gets better, and to take her to the ER if her breathing becomes labored, but otherwise treat her at home. Poor girls!

Brielle has been sleeping a TON today, but otherwise seems ok and happy when she's awake. Raya won't eat, but other than that is acting much more like herself today.

Here is a picture of Raya when she woke up on Sunday, during the worst of her illness

Lookin' rough girlfriend! :-P

This was Brielle this morning....she was being so cute :-)

We were analyzing Brielle this weekend and everyone is starting to think she *might* look a little bit like me. My brother says she looks like me now, not me as a baby. My mom says that Brielle usually looks like Lee and Raya, but from certain angles and in certain pictures there is a little something that reminds her of me. I agree that every once in awhile I catch a glimpse of me, but it's hard to tell. Right now it's pretty clear that her face shape is totally Lee's and Raya's...I have a long face and always have. Both girls have very round faces. The cheeks, mouth, and chin are also all Raya/Lee. But the eyes and above might be more me. (Which is probably why when Brielle is sleeping and wearing a hat she looks so much like Raya!) The nose doesn't look like Raya's but doesn't look like mine either, so we're confused. It's like she has Raya's nose, but more upturned. I can't wait to see how she grows into her real look over the next few months! My mom and I both think (Raya, don't read this...cover your ears) that Brielle actually has prettier features than Raya did at this age....and knowing how stinkin' cute Raya is now Miss Brielle might go off the charts with her cuteness once she gets some hair and stuff...we will see!!!!!

Here is Raya at about the same age...the mouth and cheeks are most definitely the same :-)

Here is my favorite picture of Brielle from this morning....look at those blue eyes!! Maybe I'll end up with a blue eyed girl AND a brown eyed girl :-)

Grandma posed with Brielle before she left for work :-)

And lastly, Raya on the drive home today

She fussed for her bedtime stuff, and since she's sick and I didn't want to listen to a tantrum I gave them to her!

She sleeps with a lot of crap!

I have one other new entry below...don't miss out ;-)

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  1. My poor sick babies!! That pic of Brielle close up is sooo cute, what pretty eyes and lashes!!! ( P. S. ) Don't tell Raya I said Brielle had cuter features!!!!!
    Grama F


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