Thursday, March 31, 2011

Susie Homemaker

Today I felt like Susie Homemaker. After we were all up and dressed for the day we went to Walmart. I bought a few supplies to start my tot school markers :-P

Let me tell you, this is not a good time to go to Walmart...Easter candy galore! Tons of supplies for making Easter cupcakes and pies! Oh my....the cadbury eggs were calling my name but I resisted. Instead I decided to distract myself by making a yummy dessert that was WW friendly!

Here ya go:

I bought a 9 inch reduced fat grahm cracker crust. Then I followed the directions on the pudding box to make a pudding pie (I used 2 boxes of sugar free butterscotch pudding this time). After it chilled for 3 hours I cut a slice (a serving size is 1/8 the pie) and then slivered up a little banana on top and topped it with 2 tblspoons of light ready whip. The grand total is 4 points plus if you're doing WW. It's 1 more point than the pudding and fruit cup recipe I shared earlier, but it feels more dessert like with the crust so it's worth it! Next time I'm going to use cheesecake flavored pudding and slice strawberries on it! :-)

After making the pudding pie (while the girls slept) I created a spring themed sensory table for Raya! See, I told you I was Susie Homemaker today! Look how stinkin cute this is!:

I found the directions for colored rice online and then created my own springy sensory tub! Here's how you can make it too: First, get a disposable 9x13 cake pan with lid. You could use one you have, but I liked the dissposable just so my nice pans don't get yucky. Then get a giant bag of rice. This stuff is cheap. Pour however much rice you want into the pan...I made mine about 1 inch deep. Then drop about 8-10 drops of green food coloring in, along with 1 tblspoon vinegar. Stir it all up until you have green "grass" :-) Put the pan of rice in the oven at 225 for about 20 minutes, or until the rice is dry. Then top it off with whatever you have around the house!  I used some plastic easter eggs, a couple little trucks that have places to put rice, flower erasers ( I found a giant bag of these for $1 at Walmart in the party favor section. I plan to use the others for color matching games, etc. )...then I gave Raya some spoons and popsicle sticks to dig in there too. SHE LOVED IT! She honestly played for almost 2 hours today after nap. ***I will say that if you are a clean freak (Grandma F.! :-) then you should do this activity on a kitchen floor or outside, etc. I  taught Raya to keep the rice in the tub, but once they get digging and playing some rice does escape. The green dye is locked in the rice, so it won't stain the floor or anything, but I kept the vaccuum handy to use after she was done playing.**

I think I got a fun mom rating from Miss Raya today :-)

She LOVED burying the flowers in the "grass" and then digging to find them

I also showed her how to fill the eggs with rice and then shake them...and how to scoop and pour the rice into the trucks, etc.

So all in all a very successful "school" day! My goal was to only do tot school 2 days a week, b/c I didn't want to set myself up for failure when I get really busy. But for now as long as I have time to throw something in every day I think I'll try!

Oh, and while Raya played this afternoon Mama admired her new sewing machine haha. Haven't tried it yet though!


  1. Wow!!!! Looks like you guys had a great day!!! Your going to have miss Raya spoiled with all that fun stuff! Hope you like your sewing machine!!
    Grama F

  2. i LOVE this sensory tub idea. man! thanks for posting all your great ideas :) lol. they motivate me to exercise my crafty genes.


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