Thursday, March 10, 2011

*The* Sweater

Do you all hear that??? It's Baby Gap calling....they want their model back ;-)

Ok, so here's the story. I saw this sweater (Baby Gap) quite awhile ago. It was waaaay too expensive. (I wanna say they were priced at like almost $50...yes, for a toddler sweater!). That takes me to ebay. Usually twice a year (fall and spring) I spend some time on ebay in order to get summer and winter clothes for Raya ...a few namebrand things that I would never buy full price, but that I (as a kid fashion loving mom) really want to have :-) So this fall when I was doing my winter wardrobe hunting on ebay I kept seeing this sweater come up. However even used these things were being bid up to $25 or $30. Sorry, but I'm still not paying that much for a toddler sweater! Sadly I had given up my dream of Raya ever being able to rock this look (and rock it she would--I just KNEW her cute little round face would be To. Die. For. in this fur trimmed hood!) But alas, it wasn't meant to be.....or so I thought!

That takes us to recently...I've been doing my spring ebay hunt for a few summer peices and low and behold I see one of these sweaters!! And since winter is on the way out people weren't bidding it up insanely high! So I put in my $12 bid (b/c I may have a weakness for Raya's clothes, but I"m not crazy...$12 is the most I"m paying for a stinkin' sweater haha) .....and so I waited. And guess what? I WON!!!

....and so when the beloved sweater arrived today I quick put that baby on Raya and stood back to admire my freakin' adorable kid. (Yes, I said FREAKIN' ADORABLE! The pictures don't lie ;-)

And so now Raya will be wearing this as her "coat" all spring I think....I mean, this child is surely going to get $12 worth out of the sweater...and maybe by some miracle it'll still fit her next year (it's size 3T)....but  if not then baby gap model #2, Brielle, will surely get a good winter's use out of it too!

Yes, this entire blog entry will pretty much be about Raya and *the* sweater hahaha.

So then Raya started saying "outside!"...b/c well, when she has a hood on she thinks it's a coat :-P So I thought, natural lighting will be perfect for photographing this awesome sweater! (I mean my kid...yes, I was photographing my'd be silly to photograph simply for the sweater....I mean *the* sweater)

So outside on the step we went ...

I'm totally having her wear this sweater for her 2 year professional pictures this spring.

After I had my photographing fun, I told Raya it was time to go inside. It was COLD afterall! Well, that didn't exactly go over very well. Raya had a meltdown and was screaming "outside!!!"

At which point I said "Rayana Marie! You stop this tantrum right now or you're going to timeout...Mama means it!!!"

....ok, so I may not have said that exact thing in quite so many words. What I DID say sounded a little more like "You wanna go outside sweetie? Ok, just a minute...Mama will run around like a slave to your cuteness and quick get Brielle ready so that we can all go outside and make you happy again."

....Yeah, the whole teenager thing should be a blast with her :-P

Outside we went! Poor Brielle, she didn't understand why I yanked her off her playmat to carry her into the freezing cold. Don't worry Brielle, you'll soon learn that Raya actually calls the shots in this house.

"This sucks Mama. I'm freezing my diaper off out here!"

Raya had fun though!

A rock!

At which point I decided cute or not, I'm not freezing my butt off any longer just to look at some stinkin' rocks LOL. Brielle and I went inside and watched from the front door :-P

To end, a few random tidbits.

1) Brielle slept over 8 hours straight last night, ate, and then slept 2 more....all in her own bed! YIPPEE!
2) We have a showing for our house Sunday. Not sure if it's a 2nd showing by someone from the open house our not...either way YIPPEE!
3) The WW tip of the day! Read this article:  and then go drink yourself a crap ton of water :-)

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  1. Love the sweater!!! It frames her face perfectly!!! I love the story about going outside and time out!!!!! Very funny. Your going to have your hands full with that one!!!
    Grama F


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