Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time for Tots

First off today, I wanted to do a review of an Etsy shop I recently ordered from. I  had seen "Time for Tots" on etsy awhile ago, and thought their stuff seemed really cool, but I didn't want to spend the money at the time. Well with Easter coming up I've been trying to think of something to put in Raya's Easter basket, and I wanted to avoid edibles haha. The child doesn't need anything more to eat! I think we're going to start our Easter Bunny tradition this year and set the stage for very small amounts of candy. We're going to do an easter egg hunt and hide money in the eggs, b/c Raya will LOVE searching for those and then putting the change in her piggy bank. Then I wanted to get something educational for her Easter basket...and will probably put just a couple peices of candy or a sucker in there too.

Well I decided to order a learning kit from Time for Tots to be the main item in her Easter basket and it arrived today, only 2 days after I ordered! Here is a link to the etsy store:

Basically the store sells little learning kits. They have multiple activities in each kit with instructions, etc. There are tons of super cute kits! There are only 2 that are young enough for Raya though....the others seem more 3 years and older. But I ordered this kit here:

Now I will admit that when I first found this store I thought "Oh, these are super cute, but for $25 I could make something similiar myself"  ....and the truth is, you could. However this store has nothing but  positive reviews and not a single person in the reviews complains about price, and after receiving my kit today I know why. It's b/c while you COULD put something together your self, the amount of time and energy it would take to do so is probably worth $25 haha. I think if you're an elementary school teacher with time on your hands you probably wouldn't need the kits. BUT I highly recommend giving them a try if you are a working mom looking for something quick to do in the evenings with your kid, or if you're a mom like me who just has too much crap on her plate to sit around developing educational activities right now!!! :-)

Raya is not getting this kit until Easter, so I will give you *her* review then, but looking through the stuff today I can tell she is going to LOVE it. And many of the activities, while not rocket science, are things that I just never have thought of doing. It's so nice to have it all ready to go.

Here are some of my favorite activities that came in the kit I ordered:

She  includes instructions for many different learning activities you can do with each game. All the peices are laminated and reusable. This game you can match colors....match the mickey heads, match the little "trinkets" to the appropriate colors, etc.

This activity is early math. Using cubes to measure the lengths of various items, also ideas for counting and color activities you could incorporate. Like I said, not rocket science, but something I don't think to do myself!

This is a fine motor activity where you take droppers of water and put them in the little wells of the foot.

There are many more activities too. So, if you have $25 laying around, or if you (like me) would rather spend $25 on something like this rather than waste it on candy and junky toys for an Easter basket, then you should try ordering a kit! You'd think that I , having a master's degree in education, would not need someone else to tell me how to teach my kid LOL...but honestly, when Raya and I do our educational time it usually involves coloring or playdo, with maybe a little counting thrown in haha. I just don't have time to plan this stuff right now!

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  1. Those kits look like alot of fun, what a neat store, we'll have to remember that for future gifts!
    Grama F


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