Monday, March 7, 2011

To Grandmother's house we go...

You'll have to forgive me b/c there is no rhyme or reason to this update :-P

Since we had an open house this weekend and needed to be out of the house anyways we decided to head back to my parents' place. Saturday we cleaned our house all morning (so sick of keeping it spotless for showings!) and then we packed up and headed home.

We spent the afternoon just hanging out with my parents and later in the day their neighbor came over to meet Brielle--I had her looking so stinkin cute, but alas she was not being a very good baby model for pictures...

Raya looked very cute on Sat. as well, but shockingly enough this is the only picture I have of her from that day!

Saturday night my SIL Emily called and invited me to town for a little bit. She wanted to check out Von Mauer for some baby I let my mom babysit the girls while I went to town....yay for getting out of the house ALONE! Can't wait until we can move back and have a babysitter available a lot more often :-P

Emily also returned our playmat on Sat...I had been letting Harper borrow it but I asked for it back this weekend b/c Brielle is engaging more and more with toys like that. ...and I was right Brielle did love it!

Staring down the giraffe haha

Could I  be  so lucky as  to have this playmat put her to sleep!?!  .....the answer was no :-P

....although this weekend Brielle slept 4.5 hours straight the first night and then last night (wait for it....) she slept (drumroll please....) 6.5 hours straight!!! She probably  would have slept a little longer even, except I woke up, looked at the clock, realized how long it had been, pretty much freaked out, quick tapped the sleeping baby to see if she was still breathing, and then a few minutes after my tapping she woke  up :-P

Raya was mighty impressed with the new playmat too. It  didn't take her long to squeeze her big butt  on the playmat next to sissy :-)

....and this doll next to her? Well that's baby Michael (or Michelle, depending on if he/she is dressed as a boy or girl :-P).  This doll is one that I got when I was 5 years old and it was my all time favorite doll. He/she went EVERYWHERE with me....until I was probably a good 10 years old (I played with dolls hardcore :-P) The doll had it's own xmas stocking and got presents and everything LOL. So anyways, it's impossible to find this doll anymore and a long time ago my mom bought a 2nd one and tucked it away so that when (if) I had a daughter she could have a doll just like it. Raya hasn't been given it yet, but this weekend she loved playing with MY Michael/Michelle and it was pretty cute seeing her carrying around a doll that was almost as big as her ;-)

"Mom, why is Raya on MY playmat?!"

"Tell Brielle to share, b/c this  playmat is super fun!"

I  thought they looked a lot alike laying on the playmat here...Brielle just needs to get longer eyelashes hehe

I thought this was pretty funny. Raya  did this all on her own--got seating for her and  Michael and then they both sat down and kept watch over Brielle

Raya is always interested in playing my parents' piano. She  says "sit! sit!" and then pounds  on the keys like a rocker chick...just have to get her singing and we might have a future American Idol on our hands!

Once she got my mom (and baby Michael) to sit and play with her she started asking for me to take their picture haha. She knows Mama and the camera are never too far away!

Brielle continues to smile (and coo!) more and more every day. Here she is "talking" to Grandma

Then Grandma wanted a more formal picture with baby Brielle. ....let's just say Brielle wasn't so into it

And yes, this is her umbilical hernia that I mentioned in a previous gross is that?! haha. I think we cacn safely rule out "belly button model" from her list of career options :-P Mama needs to find her a onepeice bathing suit this summer for sure, b/c that bad boy wasn't meant for no bikini top! lol  It doesn't seem to bother her and all and like I said, my doc said they usually go away on their own, but if it is still around at age 4-5 years they would do a simple surgery to correct it...I guess it's a fairly common thing.

But  keep quiet  about it, b/c poor Brielle gets upset when you make fun of her big ol' belly button

Sunday my mom babysat again while Lee took me into town....we went out to eat and shopping....yay! Of course got the girls a couple things, but then got myself a few new things as well! It was fun to get out alone and enjoy dinner as a couple together without having to entertain Miss Raya and keep her from eating dipping sauce as her dinner ;-P

Ok, just a few more pics to close out this pretty pointless update :-P

Brielle playing on her playmat again this morning...

Missy Moe eating breakfast this morning....wish *I* looked that cute first thing upon waking up!

....and as far as our open house went, we really thought it was a good possibility that no one would show, considering the time of year and  fact that their aren't that many people trying to move right now. However we were happy to hear from our realtor that 3 groups came through, so at least we didn't clean for nothing! At least one of the groups was interested enough to ask  our realtor to find out more about what our ultilities run, etc. so we gave that info to him today....we'll see if anything comes from it. I'd love to at least get an offer soon, even if it's not a good one! I just want to have someone at least attempt to buy the place haha.

And  lastly, the WW tip of the day. This weekend I ate out twice (Panera and Hu Hot)...and I was able to easily stay on my WW plan and not go over my points (I didn't even have to use any of my extra weekly points!) My "tip" for staying on track is to look at the calorie totals posted at Panera. I didn't know the calorie amounts are posted right on the sign when you order, next to the item! I got the super yummy new tai chicken salad there--I highly recommend it! Emily got it to and also loved it. Then at Hu Hot I simply went light on the chicken and noodles, did tons of veggies, only a little sauce and no oil....and then skipped the rice altogether. It was still super yummy and if I'm being honest I didn't notice a difference in taste from when I've eaten there in the past.

That's all for today...Have a great week!

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