Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tot School

Yes, my 2nd blog entry of the day...I know, I know....overkill :-P  However, both girls are in bed for the night and I'm enjoying one of my pudding/fruit bowls and getting to watch a little Teen Mom 2, so I decided to post a few pictures from today and also tell you about my latest plan!

First, the pictures. Today we pulled out the bouncey seat that my mom had picked up for us cheap at a garage sale or something. Brielle is getting big enough to be interested in this bouncey, rather than the "boring" one that only  vibrates. She loved it!!! Raya was mighty  intrigued as well...

...and yes, Raya  drags that  pink  chair around all on her own, and she placed it just like that haha. (Bridgett, make a note to yourself that those chairs should be your go to gift for every toddler....Raya loves that thing!)

There was no fashion show taking place here today....these are the outfits you get when I have 2 sick and fussy girls, who I know will puke and/or poop on themselves throughout the course of the day LOL

Today I also decided to get out our bumbo chair, which was also another garage sale find from my mom! Brielle is still too little to sit in it for very long, but she did great holding her head up for short periods today....she really seemed to enjoy it!

Yes, this is her "enjoying it" face :-P

But sometimes her head got very very heavy!

Mom, is this the face Brielle makes that reminds you of my baby pictures??? ....because I think I do see it here.

Raya threw the tantrum of all  tantrums upon seeing this bumbo chair. She was totally pumped when I first brought it upstairs, but once she realized that it was intended for Brielle and not her own giant tush she completely lost her mind. Oh the humanity!

So we let Raya take a turn....and let me tell  you, there's nothing like sitting in a bumbo chair to make your toddler look like she's 10 years old!! I mean seriously, does it not look like there is a pre-teen sitting in that thing?! :-P

Ok, and now for some of my ramblings haha. I  have decided that I have one of those brains that is always turning, thinking of things I could and should be doing! My latest endeaver???? TOT SCHOOL! :-)

Why not add tot school  to my plate haha. When I decided to run my Etsy shop I did very well with it....and when I decided to start Weight Watchers I did very well with that too (down 2 more lbs this last week by the way, even with the Buffalo Wild Wings! :-)...so now I'm committed to starting some version of tot school with Raya. I'd like to start by doing  it 2 days a week. Once  we move into our new house I'd love to set up a little "school" corner in her playroom! I've been unhappy for awhile now with the amount of TV she watches and the lack of structured learning time that I plan for with her. I ordered that learning kit for her Easter basket, as I mentioned in a previous post, and receiving that sparked my interest ...I want to do more! Raya does not have a personality that make her naturally inquisitive in academic tasks (or at least not yet.) I think that by me putting more effort into planning activities I will be able to spark her interest...and the  more engaged she is during the day the fewer tantrums, so it's a win win situation. In looking around  online I"ve come across some AWESOME resources, so I thought I'd share them with you all since I'm sure some of you might like to try some of this as well :-)

First, there is a website called "Tot School". Basically a homeschooling mom came up with educational  activities to use  with the toddler crowd, and she shares all kinds of awesome ideas (I will warn you that these websites I'm sharing are a little hard to navigate....you just have to spend some time clicking around to find all the good stuff :-)   ....here's the site: http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/TotSchool.html  Basically  once a week all kinds of other moms participate in themed learning activities etc. and they share the things they do on *their* blogs too....so when you go to the above link you should look at the list of blogs on the right hand side...spend some time checking various ones out to see what everyone is doing with their "tots"....if you're like me it will motivate you to get your butt in gear because there are a lot of creative moms out there doing awesome things with their kids!!!! This is on her website, and it's a bunch of free printable activites you can use ...Raya and I will definitely be trying some of these out! http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/TotSchoolPrintables.html  She also has her own blog you can follow....it's great! http://totallytots.blogspot.com/   When at her blog you should check out all the colorful rectangle tabs on the right....great resources! One of my favorite "tabs" is the "terrific tot sites"....looking through those I found these awesome websites that I think Raya would love! :
1) http://play-zone.crayola.com/play-zone/index.htm#/LCC  (Here you can upload any photograph and turn it into a coloring page to print off!!)
2) http://www.crayola.com/free-coloring-pages/ (Tons of free coloring pages and you can search by category, etc. Grandma F, I see a bunch of "educational" ones that I bet Sawyer would love!)
3) http://www.peekuboo.com/ (Go to this site and then click "library" --it's at the top. You can click on various books to "read" and they are perfect for toddlers! Then from there you can click "games" --at the top--and there are some very very basic games that even the youngest kids can play)

Finally, this is another awesome website/blog: http://confessionsofahomeschooler.blogspot.com/  Let me make it clear, I have NO intensions of homeschooling, but I love the idea of "homeschooling" the toddler crowd. This website does have some things your can purchase for download, but it's basically all FREE on her site too! By paying she gives you everything to download and print in one easy file basically, but if you are willing to look around her site you can find most of the same stuff to download free!

Go here to see what she is doing with her toddler, who I"m guessing is right  around Raya's age....so many awesome ideas!!!! http://confessionsofahomeschooler.blogspot.com/search/label/Teeny%20Tiny%20Tot%20School

This is a central location where you can find many of her free downloads: http://confessionsofahomeschooler.blogspot.com/2009/11/my-printables.html

Grandma F., you could find lots of fun things for Sawyer at the link above. For example, little things like this that he can count out stickers on, or even M&Ms hehe :-)  http://www.4shared.com/file/246979458/810ba5af/1-10stickersheet.html  (Just click "download" to save any of the items to your computer and then print them!)

....and now on my wish list of things to buy is this laminator, so that all my fun activities can be reusable  for Miss Brielle! : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0010JEJPC?ie=UTF8&tag=confofahome-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0010JEJPC

So there you have it...my latest mission! Etsy, WW, and tot school---oh my! :-)

****Don't miss my other new update from today....it's below*****


  1. ohhhhh. thanks for sharing!!! what a good idea :) and thanks for including the links. i'll have to take a looksie one day soon.

  2. Oh my gosh, when do you find all the time!!! I love all these ideas, you'll have to help me navigate these sites, Sawyer would LOVE these ideas!!!! I thought Brielle would like that bouncey seat now, also that bumbo seat is really nice, considering it was sooo cheap!! And yes, it's when Brielle looks up in a certain way that she reminds me of you, something to do with her forehead and eyes in that position!!! Raya is sooo funny in that bumbo seat, it looks like she is stuck in there for good! Sounds like Raya is going to love her tot school, Sawyer look out Raya is going to catch up to you!!!

  3. those are some great ideas, I was going to start doing something like this with Kaylee cause I feel sometimes to that she watches to much TV when we should be do more educational stuff thats also fun too.

  4. i am so happy we finally have some sun, it's been raining and cold for almost 2.5 weeks. so it's nice to have the sun back.

    yes that outfit Keira is wearing is a mudpie. I got it as a gift for Kaylee but she never got to wear it so I decided to try it on Keira...she looked so cute in it, then after we were done taking her pics she spit up all over it!!

  5. I'm glad Raya still likes the chair!


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