Sunday, March 20, 2011

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa H.

Like I said in my previous post, Saturday morning Lee spruced up our mulch beds and Raya helped! I got her in old clothes and her new rainboots...she was all set for some yardwork!

She took her little bucket and shovel and did a lot of digging with Daddy!

Then Saturday afternoon Lee's parents were coming so I decided to put the girls in their matching sweaters from Grandma F! Harper has one too and all 3 girls are wearing them to Easter on my side, but since Lee's parents probably won't see them I decided to have them wear the sweaters Saturday too :-) Ruth Ann just thought the sweaters were the cutest things

Brielle wasn't so sure about this sisterly photoshoot :-P

...but Raya liked it so much that she cried when the photosoot was over lol

Grandma did silly feet with Raya...

That got Raya giggling!

Grandma got cuddles in with Brielle too...she couldn't believe how big Brieelle had gotten! She said Brielle looked like a doll

Saturday night before bed Raya showed them how she loves her bubble machine!

Then this morning before they left we got a picture!! ( Daddy dressed Raya haha)

After they left we had to clean for our showing this afternoon! We are so sick of cleaning! We analyze the house each time we get home to guess how much the buyers seemed interested. Today I don't think was a big winner....the shower curtain hadn't been moved at all and it didn't look like they peeked in any we aren't sensing a whole lot of interest from this group. Bummer...we likely cleaned for no reason! haha. Oh well.

We rewarded our hard work by going to eat at HuHot though for supper :-)

Here are some more pictures from this weekend. The girls were so cute I had to take a lot of pictures. Grandma F, I can't wait until I have my third GIRL and we can dress them all 3 alike hahaha.

Striking her "sassy" pose

Looking indifferent about it all...

But always stinkin' cute  regardless of her lack of enthusiasm haha

And lastly, the WW tip of the day! Make your house a "no fail" zone. If you don't have the bad food in your house you can't eat it! By the time you think about getting in the car and driving somewhere to fulfill your craving you will probably have already decided you don't really need it. For example, you DON'T want to bake a bunch of fresh chocolate chip cookies, trying to be a good hostess for the inlaws. That would be bad. It's impossible to resist cookies hot out of the oven, and you may end up going over your point allowance by eating one.....or three ;-P


  1. The girls look sooo cute in their sweaters!!! I'm sure we could find something cute to match for that boy!!!! Maybe the people liked the house soooo much they didn't need to look any further!!!! Home you come!!! I agree about the cookies, if their in the house I'll eat them!!!
    Grama F

  2. So I love my son.....but matching sister outfits are soooooo cute!!!! man, 2 girls. SO FUN :) i love them in their little matching outfits. and the sweaters are so stinkin cute! ps-ordered that paci-animal thing. it should be here today :)


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