Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why'd I want her to walk again?

I love taking pictures of my girls (obviously!) but I *really* love getting those great shots. The ones where you think "oh my god, I'm totally the best candid photo taker ever, and my kids are the cutest!" :-) Today made me long for the days back when Raya would just sit where I plopped her, look at the camera when I said her name, and make those perfect photos come so, so easily.

Ahhhhh, those were the days!

...and then she learned to walk. And run. And deliberately try to make getting that perfect picture about as easy as getting Brielle to sleep through the night! (Yeah, we've been up since 3am).

Why do we get excited about them learning to walk again? No, seriously...Brielle can sit like a motionless lump until she's 3 for all I care :-P

Today when looking through my photos I found a lot of hiding from the camera:

Covering her face with random crap:

Running away and squealing:

Looking away at the last second:

...and blurriness from her many crazy antics in general. The perfect photo was not happening today!

But there's one thing I've learned over time, and that is  "when there's a will there's a way". If you follow a toddler around long enough, get your camera snapping away, and then are willing to sort through the 60+ photos you took, you are bound to find something salvageable. You can't let the toddlers win people! They WILL produce cute photos for you...unwillingly :-P

...but all the work involved in photographing a toddler does make me very thankful for my little  peanut, who will lay there while I take as many sleepy photos of her as I want!

Grandma, here's that outfit you gave her ;-)

Brielle even cooperates when she's awake! (Well, better than Raya at least!)

I am so excited for when Brielle gets to that ideal photographing stage though...the sitting unassisted but can't walk or crawl stage. I LOVE that stage. Then you can guarantee I'll be taking lots of awesome photos, just like I did of her big sister at that age!

....and last but  not least (well maybe least haha...depends on if you all like this blog segment or not! ;-) ...the WW tip of the day!

My tip today is to consider buying a motivational peice of clothing. I did that this weekend. Everyone knows there are always those shirts (or whatever) that you see in the store that you just love, but you know they won't look good on you. Well this weekend I found the cutest little brown tshirt top with layered ruffles kinda diagonal on it...but when I tried it on it was just too form fitting over my post pardum belly, etc. You know what I did? I bought it! Yep, I'm totally going to rock that shirt this summer haha :-) Now whenever I need a little motivation I just go look at that shirt hanging in my closet....and when I can put it on and look awesome than I know I reached my goal!! (Which by the way, I have already lost 4 lbs in a little over one week!! I do not plan to continue losing that quickly though...I'm sure my body just went into shock when I suddenly went from eating 4 chocolate chip cookies in a day to eating a frozen banana for dessert :-P But hey, 4 lbs down, 16 to go! )


  1. I feel ya! Kaylee is the same way just as I'm about to snap the picture she moves or she starts crying. but there are times when she does take some good ones. I cant wait for the sitting unassisted stage too, those always seem to be best when trying to get good pics.

  2. I can't believe how little Raya was such a short time ago! I don't want the girls to row up soooo fast!
    Grama F


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