Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Aint no stopping me now....

The sewing machine can't be stopped....so addicting! hehe. Sorry for the multiple updates today (you can skip down to see cute Raya pics if you don't care about my sewing ;-)

But anyways, today I decided to try taking a tank top and turning it into a dress. I didn't have a pattern so I just made it up as I went...It turned out great! No mistakes and I would feel fine selling the finished product even, that's how good it turned out! And the best part? It only took me a little over an hour or so...and that was while I was dealing with a fussy Brielle who refused to nap.

Pretty right?

Basically it's a tank dress, that  I could make in any fabric, and a frayed fabric rosette flower embellishment. There are tons of options I could play around with for this....I could add a ruffle or ribbon trim to the bottom, I could add a little applique to the top instead of the rosette, I even thought about trying to make one with more of a drop waist! And with a little more practice I think I could sell these for a reasonable price on Etsy....maybe $20something, depending on the fabric and number of "extras". Can't wait to try more!

I also made a new type of hair pretty today....a fabric flower clippie (and Grandma F., that is one of the vintage buttons I snagged from you this weekend....It looks great!) In retrospect I might have liked this type of fabric flower on the dress itself.....but as Lee pointed out, this type of flower is "heavier" and may not be as comfy to wear as the rosette I did. I'll have to see.

If I did the above type of flower on the dress itself here's an idea of what it would look like---I  like it

The rosette is nice too though...it's prettier in person---it's 3 demensional and after it's washed it's supposed to "fluff up" and fray more, making it even cuter.

I knew Raya would be in bed tonight before I finished up the hem, so this afternoon I had her model it (before being finished....so the hem is funky in these and the rosette is just pinned on...but you get the idea)

I hemmed it to about her knees (or so I think haha).

She loved this one too! She's going to have an even more extensive wardrobe now :-P

She's started a new thing where she's scared of our deck....here she is crying  b/c she's "stuck" haha. She didn't want to walk on it alone and was calling "Mama, stuck!" and crying. Good lord :-P

I'm sure I'll get a picture of her tomorrow, wearing the finished product :-) Then tomorrow I've got a shirt  to make for our friend Bryn (who Raya is very excited to visit next month!) and then maybe Raya's birthday shirt. I need her shirt for her pictures on Monday, but the tutu I ordered isn't here yet and I kind of want to wait for that before picking out the fabric for her shirt. But  if the tutu doesn't come tomorrow I might just do my best guess, b/c we're busy this weekend and I won't be able to sew (My nephew Sawyer turns 3 years old!)

Lastly, this afternoon I took the girls for a walk on our road. It was BEAUTIFUL outside! My perfect weather....like upper 60s/ low 70s (not sure which) and breezy so it wasn't humid. I could have stayed outside all day!

Raya sure did wear THIS get-up on our walk :-p

How can you not love a little girl decked out in pink, wearing legwarmers, elton john-ish sunglasses, and a hat from last summer? She was rockin' the walk :-)

We had a good day :-)

....well, there may have been a (tiny) tantrum here and there :-P

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  1. Cute, cute cute!!!!!I love the dress ,but that Raya is just tooo darn cute!! Sawyer did the same thing on the deck for a while, he thought he would fall through the slats!!! Too funny!!!
    P. S. Where are my pics of my little doll baby Brielle!!!
    Love Grama F


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