Monday, April 18, 2011

Almost 2 year olds and pictures are a scary combo!

So this morning we had pictures....and my oh my....Raya was a little stinker!!!

I had hoped to get even one decent picture of the 2 girls together....did not happen. Raya refused to sit/lay next to the baby, wouldn't hold her, wouldn't even kiss heer. She'd just run around screaming NO! It was pretty much a disaster. I finally told the photographer to just give up LOL. Maybe when they're both a little bigger we'll attempt again some time.

We had more success with Brielle by herself, although we wasted her happiest period trying to get Raya to pose with by the time we finally got around to taking Brielle individual pics she was grumpy haha....but the photographer said she got a couple good ones, so that's all I care about! Don't think we got any smiles, but oh well. We never caught any of Raya's smiles until like her 9 month session I think!

Then came Raya's individual....yikes. We got her to sit on the couch for pictures in her birthday outfit, and bribed her with the giant seemed to work! :-P I think we got at least a couple cute ones.

The hilarious part was at the end I said let's try to go outside and get some of Raya in "normal" clothes. Well the photographer said she had a place in mind and we drove there and I was like "oh yeah, this is cute" was a wooden bridge in the woods....a few green leaves were just starting to pop out, etc. Well then Raya starts saying "fall! fall!" and a cting scared...I  realized she thought the bridge was a deck and she's scared of decks now!!! So yeah, she wouldn't walk on it and spent the whole time on the cement sidewalk pretty much LOL. It's a good thing her "somber" face is so cute, b/c I think that's what we got hehe.

Can't wait to see them....I"ll let everyone know when they're ready!!!

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  1. I bet you were tired when you got home!!! I'm sure there will be plenty of cute pics to pick from, how can there not with those two girls!!!
    Grama F


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