Friday, April 1, 2011

Brielle's turn!

Brielle was feeling left out yesterday....she didn't get in on the fun school activity AND I neglected to take her pictures!!! Sorry Brielle, it's your turn today :-)

This is a little baby Gap dress that I picked up at my favorite 2nd hand store. I knew she wouldn't get to wear it long b/c the weather will be warming up, but it was so cheap I had to get it anyways. I'm glad I did b/c she looks so cute in it!

And then my little  brown bear became a big old grump! She goes 0-60 in no time at all!

Every time I looked down today while I was carrying her I couldn't believe how stinkin' cute she was

And she took a nice nap this morning for me....I tricked her by putting  her in the carseat :-P

While Brielle slept Raya played with her sensory tub again....she still finds it just as entertaining and played for about 1 hour!

Since the girls were occupied I decided to dig through all of Raya's summer clothes and pick out some things that I thought might work for Harper. Since Raya has so few clothes I really couldn't find much...

Hehe...yeah, I found just a few things ;-P I hope Harper is big enough to make use of some of them....Raya only wore some of the items a couple times so it'd be nice for someone else to get a chance....since I bet Brielle will be too big next summer to wear most of it.

On another note, when I was home last my mom and I were talking about how different Sawyer and Raya are. Sawyer is very very careful...never gets into anything, is very cautious and quiet, etc....Raya is the opposite--always getting into things, she's started CLIMBING all the time, she seems louder and less cautious, etc. It's funny to see the different personalities. I'm scared to think about it....but Raya seems to take after Lee's personality. If you've ever heard Lee's mom tell stories about him you'd be very scared too!!! He was very much a handful. I always think of the story where Ruth Ann said no one could find Lee....he was like 4 years old I think--can't quite remember--but they were looking outside and calling for him and then Ruth Ann said she heard a little giggle and looked up to find him high in a tree! Oh boy.

Another different was very noticeable today to me. Sawyer is a very careful and neat eater. I don't think Emily has used bibs for him since he was like 12 months old! But let me tell ya, Raya is the opposite of this too. Look  how she ate breakfast!!!

Lastly, after nap today we did an easter egg craft. I saw this done by another blogger and thought it looked fun and easy. Basically you take a coffee filter and cut it out like an egg shape. Then use washable markers to color it. Then spray it with water until the colors run. Once it drys you hang it up and it's a pretty sun catcher :-)

Raya really enjoyed this....but it may have been b/c she's never used markers before....she thought they were pretty neat! This was definitely an activity I did with her though....not one she could do herself while I went off and did something else. And it only occupied her for about 20 minutes, but still....we both had fun and now my window is simply beautiful :-P

What they looked like when drying. I made the one on the left :-P  The other 3 Raya made. She even started trying to name some of the colors when asking for new markers, so that was pretty good!

Trying to spray the water! I need to get a spray bottle that's easier for her.

Showing off her colorful hands! Good thing messes don't bother me :-) Gotta have fun!

Our pretty window :-P

Brielle wants to make sure she gets one last picture in!

Oh, and for my WW tip of the day...who else loves grilled cheese and tomato soup? Well I do! And grilled cheese is hardly WW friendly with all that bread, cheese, and butter. However my tip is to use the light bread (40-45 calories per slice)....each slice is only 1 point (as opposed to 2 points for regular bread) if you're like me and have to have TWO sandwiches you are only wasting 4 points on bread, rather than 8! And light bread tastes just as good. Then I use reduced fat kraft singles...2 points each. I think they make fat free ones too....but something about fat free cheese sounds gross I stick with the reduced fat. Then instead of using butter to cook them in, I just spray on some "i can't believe it's not butter"....o pts. Yummy! I  make my tomato soup the regular way b/c it's not too bad points wise, but I do buy the 25% less sodium won't retain so much water weight then. Enjoy! :-)


  1. Brielle looks soooo cute in that outfit
    !!!!!! Raya is sure having alot of fun with mamas new tot school!
    Grama F

  2. I believe its Pepperidge Farm they have what is called Very Thin bread. Its regular white bread (not sure on nutrition info) but it is sliced very thin so two slices is basically as thick as one regular slice of bread. Grilled cheese is the BEST on it. I have only seen it sold at Hy-Vee's though.


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