Friday, April 8, 2011

Cousin fun continued....

So this morning my mom's dogs babysat Brielle...

Then while they (and my mom) babysat I took Raya over to Sawyer's house for another playdate! They had fun playing on the deck with Sawyer's sand table, and then my brother brought out Sawyer's mouse Nilly (Willy died)...Raya had never seen a mouse like that!

SHe wouldn't touch him, but she'd fake like she was touching him and then quick pull her hand away and say "ouch!" like she was pretending he bit her LOL. No idea where she learned that.

John put the mouse on Sawyer's head! (shiver....)

I thought this one was cute....a boy and his mouse :-)  ...nevermind that seconds later Sawyer picked up the mouse poop haha

Then Sawyer and Raya had a lunch date over mac-n-cheese. Sawyer kept making a weird barking growl noise at Raya, and then Raya would SQUEAL and laugh hysterically. They had their own little thing goin'  :-)

When we got back from our playdate we got to see what Grandma F. dressed Brielle in! Grandma says she spent 20 minutes picking out and preparing this outfit and she was so proud LOL. Brielle did look cute, but these pics make me laugh b/c her pants are all pulled up like highwaters hahaha

Then I took a turn dressing her :-P  Harper gave Brielle a bunch of outgrown clothes to borrow and I loved this "cowgirl" outfit! (Brielle's hair is still in a cupie curl from Grandma's hairstylin' hehe)

Cutest baby ever....period. Well, tied with Raya of course ;-)


I love this one....we have the same "look" :-)

My silly girl :-)

^^Rockin' some of the new legwarmers mama made!

Raya looked so cute after her nap

I thought this was funny. This hat was my favorite of Raya's, and Emily just gave it back b/c she had borrowed it for Harper (who couldn't wear it b/c her head is too big lol) I tried it on Brielle during tummy time, and since you can't see Brielle's face it looks like the face on the hat is the only face there :-P

And lastly, Grandma and Brielle matched today!


  1. looks like raya had a good time with sawyer. Brielle looks good in green too! That outfit is adorable! I'm still looking for some socks that I like. have a good weekend

  2. Brielle, sometime when Mama leaves you with me for a few days we'll have fun dressing up!!!!
    I love watching Raya and Sawyer together, I love the way she looks at him!!!
    Grama F


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